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How do I perceive the "Peoples of the World"?


The above question has surfaced during interviews for newsprint, radio, television and in informal conversations

Are there any differences? What if anything sets us apartt.  Before speaking about our differences. Let us examine some of our similarities. One can observe in kind, the way people interact within their family structures; husband to wife, wife to husband, parents to children, siblings with siblings, the inter-rivalry along with the "pecking order" of an intergenerational family. The same nuances are all there. Of course these are interspersed with cultural idiosyncrasies. Then we have a likeness in some of the same facial and physical gestures as we speak Then there is a mirroring of our behavioural shortcomings and proclivities. Along with the sameness in many of our needs, desires, wants. dreams and "yes" even our fears. Also, in the way we anticipate along with our expectations. Probably one of the most telling signs of our commonality is in our look alike anxietiess, doubts, and fears.

We have the same curiosity; asking the same eternal questions: "who Am I? Why Am I here? And where am I going? We share in the same gift of "consciousness" Which allows us to have the ability to "think". Here, we need to underline "being able to think"  Many forsake this gift and opt out not to think or to think sparingly. What passes for thinking gives birth to fancies, whims, opinions, parroting, half-truths and "fuzzy logic". Which leads us into a minefield of "simple-mindedness". Simplistic thinking betrays;"I think therefore I am". It denies the very essence of consciousness, which is "awareness". Being aware, singularly aware as to who and what we are. Betraying our heritage and our gifts. It is within this type of fragmented thinking we find the seeds of our separateness, pain and suffering.

In this multi-dimensional World in which we share, there is a great need to become more conscious, more aware. Aware that we are the World in the truest sense. Or to rephrase; since we are not of the World rather the World is in us. As is the Universe and the Cosmos. It is truely "all for one and one for all. Now if we would live as if this is true for us. That we are indeed "aware" that all is within us. We will instinctively love "all and everything", as we love ourselves. As the saying goes: "love others as you love yourself". Of course this is easier said than done. One of the greatest obstacles to this 'loving of others as one loves themselves'. Is that we have not yet learned how to love ourselves or in some cases even like ourselves.

Why is this so?

We do not know, who we are? We do not realize the truth.  That we are loveable and likeable. Were we not loveable and likeable at birth? Is not our " True Nature" that of Love. If we are other than that,  we have been programmed not to be of this " Absolute Love". We are IT, of IT and in IT.   Strange as it seems we do not know that we are out of love. We see ourselves as other than. We have forgotten our identify, we do not remember who we really are?. We join a growing multitude of humankind asking; "what's life all about"? "Why am I here"? "And where am I going"?

This was and is a big wide wonderful world! Before we as a species came along and turned it upside down. The World was doing just fine. What happened? Simple and I would underline the word simple. "Here a chid am I, holding up both my hands. One is, "who I am not". And the other is "who I am". The problem you see is the {I, me and mine} which lies in-between my hands.

This false identity needs to be reversed so that our true identity comes " front and center." It is in the process of our self-knowing and our self-understanding as to "who we are not" that we will become aware of "who we are". In turn, as a race, as a species we will become aware that we are all one and the same. That beneath and beyond our diversity we are of the same seed, the same substance which is of the ABSOLUTE LOVE; the ABSOLUTE VOID. Out of which, all things are manifested. Manifested in balance, harmony and peace.

Within the verbiage of all religions this ABSOLUTE TRUTH is interwoven. It is said, has been said and will be said in a thousand different ways until that day when each will know, understand and be the spoken "word". It will be written in the minds and hearts of all"  All will know that the word, whether that word be spelled; "Truth","Love","Light" or "Rightness" needs to become our own flesh and blood.  Otherwise it is but idle chatter. This "incarnation", this fusion, must be a "NOW" EXPERIENCE. Out of this comes the definitive definition of "who" and "what' we are. Then we will stop mistaking the blossom for the fruit. No creed, ritual, image, symbol, intonation or exhortation: no edifice, structure, methodology, theology, ecclesiastical polity or religious rhetoric will suffice. All human intentions of piety will cease. All will know that they know. Harmony, balance and peace will prevail. All wondering and wandering will cease as will the questions. The prodigals will have returned consciously back to the "ABSOLUTE VOID, REMEMBERING "WHO and "WHAT" they were and always have been. Out of the Beyond of the Beyond.

The second question was; "Are there any differences that sets us apart from one another'? The list is long and we know most of them; language, culture, religion, and politics. These four are the "Great Separators". Along with literacy or illiteracy, freedom or bondage, economic security or economic uncertainty, a closed or an open society. All these divide and widen the gulf that exists between all the "peoples of the World". But the most glaring factor that causes "separateness" on a grand scale is our fragmentary thinking, across the entire spectrum of our relationships. Whether they be of a personal nature or a one to one response with others in a family structure or a business arrangement, social or non-social. Wherever this fragmentary thinking might exist, "separateness" will be found. Along with it, one will find, suffering and pain.

I am often asked; "how does one know what is right and what is wrong?" If we are responsible for creating the conditions that causes or allow the pain and suffering of others that is wrong. If we help in the alleviation of pain and suffering then this is right

Our problem lies in our self-identification with the externals of life We talk about our identity as being "this or that". I am "Polish" or "Jewish" or an "American", "Christian or "Islamic", "Black" or "White". I am a "conservative" or "liberal". I am a doctor, lawyer, Indian chief, candlestick maker or whatever. Our IDENITY lies within not without. We are not "this" or "that". "This" and that" are transitory. When and where,we find our Ulitimate Nature there will be no "separateness" only a "Unity-consciousness". A balance between the inner and the outer. There will be no inner and outer for they will be as One for they are one. All manifestations and the yet to be manifested are out of the same WILL, the same LOVE, the same TRUTH, the same FORCE, the same ABSOLUTE, the same VOID.

(China 5/2001)


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