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His name is Hawk, a living Legend who epitomizes that the impossible is possible and the unreachable is reachable. This modern day Pathfinder has no peers.

His words: "I am in step with my dream as I walk on in time, through time and beyond time"



But that is exactly what eighty-two year old "Hawk" McGinnis is doing. HawkAfter completing the Walk of the fifty states in the 1980s. Hawk set out to take on the world, a solo odyssey that began in Ireland in 1992 when he was sixty-five years old.

Some 70 countries and 19 years later, Hawk is now in  South America . Even though there have been a number of harrowing experiences, the walk is to be finished in the year 2012, back in Houston,Tx. Give or take a year here and there.

The trip had its' genesis from a seven year old boy's dream of seeing and hearing the sights and sounds out of the pages of the National Geographic magazine and the adventure movies of a bygone era.

After the fifty state walk, the hawk called a time out and became married with the belief that his new bride would accompany him on the walk around the World. But alas! 'the best laid plans of mice and men, oft go astray.' The brides' "boots were not made for walking."

On March 16, 1992, Hawk flew to Dublin Ireland to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, divorce papers in hand (Happy St Patrick's Day?). After Ireland came the rest of the World. And the passing of 20 years.

This lean, six-foot, two inch former Methodist Minister carries a 100 pound backpack. hawkSort of a home away from home, with everything but the kitchen sink; well almost everything.

His night camping could almost be anywhere. Along the side of the road, on pool tables, in church foyers, parks ,campsites, villages, the bush or a cosy bed furnished by a gracious host In the cities, Hawk returns to a more gregarious setting; dining out, sleeping in beds, playing a little tennis, movies, dancing and a little R&R. But in between the R&R breaks, it is rice and pasta time, in a one pot cooking system.

For protection, Hawk wields a six-foot walking staff, tipped with steel at both ends which he made prior to his walk around the fifty-states. Plus two balanced throwing knifes, a custom made Bowie Knife (Blackie Collins) and a twelve foot bullwhip. From time to time they have had to be used.

In Algeria , two Islamic militants screaming "Allah" appeared wielding a stick and a knife. A couple slaps to the head ended the attack. But in Asyut , Egypt , Hawk was not as lucky, where another militant knocked him to the ground with a stick while he was fending off two others in front of him. Luckily the soldiers arrived just in time, as he was fading into unconsciousness. In Sudan, when the authorities held him for three days in Wadi Hafa, the staff was of little help.

Walking staff in hand and often wearing a denim jacket with his Logo on the back of it, Mr. Hawk is very noticeable in the bustling cities of the world, where he is often asked "Are you that man walking around the world? Could I have your autograph?"

Throughout his life, Hawk has rarely stayed put for too long. Born in Indiana , he enlisted in the Army to fight in World War II; he was discharged from the Army in Okinawa, April 1947. Since the war; he has been a Professional Big Band singer, a Photographer Assistant in Hollywood , a¨Dude Ranch Manager in Las Vegas, a Managing Editor of a Television magazine (Televiews) in Houston ,Texas. His last profession, a Methodist Minister in the ´North Texas Conference´. He left the Ministry after fifteen years of service.

Mr. McGinnis has been married and divorced four times and has three children six grandchildren. And a great grandson. When asked about his divorces? He replies; "I am a slow learner."  His last marriage was to a CPA, the one who was going to walk around the World with him. Whom he met on his "Walk" around the United States between 1983 and 1987. He lived with her for five years in San Diego before leaving on his Global trek.

Though today, organized religion is not his cup of tea, Hawk remains very spiritual and intense. Intense is an understatement which partially explains Hawks' motivation. On his calling card, he has printed. Needed dimensions of a seeker...."desire, discipline, determination, discrimination and detachment". The card also carries the proposed title of a possible forthcoming book, after he returns in the year 2012, give or take a year or two.

For Hawk this dream walk is an outward and an inward pilgrimage. By nature he is a philosopher. Who believes that most people consciously or unconsciously are searching for answers to three quintessential questions: "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" And "where Am I going?"








The epic 20 yr.journey

is finished.

The Hawk has landed.


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