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Here But There, There But Here.

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 Can one occupy two places at the same time? Can one be above and below, here and there, in the "Now"? It has been said that the "Past" and the "Future" are joined in the "Now". If the "Now" is the crossover, an interfacing between the past and the future. Does this mean there is "no time" at that precise moment? That " time and space" have become neutralized, a "Void"; like a center of an axle that does not move while the axle is spinning. Does the saying; "You are in the world, but you are not of it; "mean the "of and in",{ the "there and here"} co-exist side by side in the "Now", merging into one". Allowing us at that precise moment to see the "real and the unreal" as one. 

Possibly, the veil is parted just for a "nanosecond". As we "see" the "Void". And know, "Who" we are, who we have always been and will always be. One with "All and Everything", Our will and The "Will" are One". The spiral has been completed. The "Return" is finalized. Devolution and Evolution served their purposes. The blind see the deaf hear, the sick are healed. All are "Holy" {Whole} once again.

"You are in the world but not of it". Also infers that we are independent of the World. Here, I guess one needs to ask, what "World" are we talking about? I must confess that my World is probably not your World or vice versa. Someone once asked me, while speaking to a group; "How many worlds are there"? My reply without thought was: "About as many worlds as there are people". In most cases, we create our own worlds. Those worlds, where we spend the most time in. Then there are those worlds; we allow others to create for us.

Come to think of it, the "actual" World {Natural World} is just fine. It is "our worlds", those we create for ourselves that are so sadly in need of repair. In other words, we need to heal ourselves before we start fixing the "World", people and the things of the World. As they do say; "Physician heal thyself".

In light of the above, we could say, "that the World is in each of us". Because of our predisposition to make the "World" in our image, or as we see it. One of the reasons for this fragmentary reasoning, has its' roots in our susceptibility to be "asleep", "metaphorically" speaking, instead of being "awake". The song: "Row, row, your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream", is close to the mark. For is it not true, we spent a tremendous amount of time, walking around "asleep or dreaming", rather than being fully "awake" to our potentialities and possibilities. Even more so, as to "who we are" and "why we are here". How often have we heard or read, that we need to "awaken". So we can become "alive" and "aware of life and all it has to offer. It is to bad that some, that many are just walking around to save funeral expenses.

How can this be?

The culprit is our tendency to accept, to believe that what we see, what we structure, is Reality. This we know is not always so. For the most part, we live, no we exist in a two dimensional, transient World. With an occasional glimpse, or a "sense" of a third dimension. Better still, we have a feeling that, there is something more. In answer to: "Is this all there is"?

Listen to these few lines from antiquity:

Something there is
Whose veiled creation was?
Before the earth or sky began,
So silent, so aloof and so alone.
It changes not, nor fails, but touches all
Is there a name?
A name for it, is "Way"
The way conforms to its own nature.
Author Unknown}

This "Something which just is" has also been called the "Witness", the "Observer", or the "Watcher", {'something' inside looking out}. In the horizontal dimension, this" Witness" was asleep, not conscious of itself. But in the vertical dimension this "Observer" was dreaming, still not aware of itself. In the third dimension, the "waking state" begins. Moving from the thinking, to the feeling, to the instinctual {A knowing}. The "Watcher" awakens and has the ability to perceive both the "subject and the object" without identifying with either one. He is aware of them both. This "awareness" is called depth. Now we have the visual perception of the horizontal, vertical and depth. Moving us from a surface perception, to the "above and below". Because of this, we are "aware" of things moving through space. The sense of depth comes into play.

To often "surface people" take the waves and the ripples to be the sea. With little thought that the surface can only offer a partial realty. Therefore, if one has the desire and the determination to "Know". One needs to go "inward", delve into the silent depths, where the "Observer" lives. What is this "Source" of Life? It has been called many things. One could humanize it and call it the "Mind of God". But whatever term we use, it is inadequate. As someone once said; "Our God is too small". If one must use the word "God", then they must think "Big", really "Big". 

This is also true when one "awakens", there is more, than what meets the eye. This  also applies; that people are much more than they believe themselves to be. They can, if they so choose, "to become and be" fully actualized, becoming and being all that they were created to "Be". Who they really are but have forgotten who they really are and have always been.

If we accept ourselves and others as we are, in the ordinary sense of the word. Then we are doing great damage to ourselves, others and the World at large. But if we will accept ourselves and others as being intrinsically the "expressed Image" of the "Supreme Absolute". Then there is no "separateness'. I am he/her and she/he is me. I will see all their hidden possibilities and potentialities. All that, which they can "become and be". In simple language; they are that already, but not knowing it. We are "family", we come from the same "Seed" {Substance], of "Absolute Love".

You ask; what is this thing called love? To repeat;" Before we can love others, we must first learn to love ourselves {"Love others as you love yourself"}. But how can we love ourselves, when we do not know or understand who we are?

When we come to know that our "True Nature" is to become and be, what we have always been; the "expressed image". Hand in hand with this en-light-enment comes the "knowing" that everyone, regardless of creed, dogma, and belief; has this same "True Nature" as the " old gospel song" says; "we are all Gods' children". That is what, they do say.

So what is love, we ask again? What is behind the words; "love others as you love yourself". If we love ourselves, we want the best, the more excellent for ourselves. Right! even if we do not understand what is best and the more excellent. But when we finally "Know", that is what we want. More than we want anything else on earth. All systems go!

So how do we love others, regardless of who they think themselves to be? By realizing. that we are of the same "substance", the same spiritual gene {metaphorically speaking}. We want the best, the more excellent for them. We want them to know, to be "aware" as to "who" they really are. Not who they think they are.

How do we do this? That is the question that all beliefs have been asking since the beginning of time.

The one tried and true method, if it can be called a method, is "role-modeling". To "become and be" the abstract thought, the concept, the belief, giving it your "flesh and blood ". The "Incarnation"{Love becoming flesh}. In other words; "walk the talk'. This cannot be bequeathed or come second hand. Until one becomes the embodiment of the said word, then and only then. The truth appears unannounced.

Enough can never be said about the use of words to explain the unexplainable. So we repeat, silence is probably the best defined, the best source of enlightenment. For deep within, the "Inner Guide" is waiting for the right question, to give the right answer. So seek within, but we have heard these words before, along with; "Know thyself" and the "Kingdom of God is within". Or maybe the question should be; "have we heard these words"? For if we "hear", we do.

If we hear correctly, we become and be. For in "being", the next step is doing.

Do what? Those necessary things that will create the environment that will sustain ones' well-ness of being: mentally, physically and spiritually. And not do those unnecessary things that hinder and impoverish the spirit and the art of living. For a seed to grow, the ground must be cultivated, making sure that the soil has the proper nutrients to assure that the plant or the tree will reach fruition. Unsavory conditions produce unsavory crops.

Part of this cultivation is to grab a hold of "Life", with both hands and let it teach you how to live and die, to die and live. To die to that which binds and steals our freedom. To that which limits our possibilities and potentialities. Out of these daily deaths and their ashes, life bursts upon the scene, anew. And we begin to see and realize that we "have been given everything we need, we but need to experience every we have been given". Reality is as close to you and me as our breaths.

Reality is not a means to an end. It is not a process, a method, something in flux. It is an end unto itself. It is independent, uncaused, unquestionable, indescribable and unrelated. It just IS. It is the 'All in the All of Everything'. Reality is not part of the past or the future. It is the moment, the "Now".

We need to let the "dead bury the dead". To walk around in the "grave clothes" of yesterday is not fashionable, it is pathetic. What kind of myths and superstitions are we holding onto, out of our pasts? How many blanks and gaps exist in our memory responses as to how it was or wasn't? How many illusions do we have, which we have allowed others to program for us? We need to examine our excess baggage and lighten our load. We are suffering from an "overload", making our "NOW's" pale and anemic looking.

We create our temporary worlds with a collection of fragmented "memory responses" bits and pieces of our imaginings, expectations, illusions, anticipation's and sense deprivations. We look but we do not see. We listen but we do not hear. We think, but we are not aware. We do, but the {Self} is not there.

We complain about the "fragmented state of the World" with all its' problems. About the inequities, the violence, the lack of moral fibre, civility and the widening gap between those who have and those who do not have, The "World is fragmented and divided, because the "World "mirrors us. It mirrors our confusion our disorder, our selfishness and our "separateness". Because we are separated from ourselves. We do not know "who" or "what" we are, or "why" or "where" we are going? "We are like the pilot who radio the air controllers and told them. That he was lost. But that he was making good time".

So. What to do? Well in the words of today's' technology. Delete, delete and "reprogram","reprogram".


"Know Thyself"!

We need to gain a self-knandowledge and a self-understanding as to who we are, really are. And ask ourselves, where am I going? And how do I get there? What is necessary and  what is unnecessary? This is where the reprogramming begins. As someone once said; "we can choose to grow weeds or flowers in our gardens". What will it be?

Every thought we allow into our minds, every word we allow our lips to utter, every action we choose is of our own doing. If our life is in shambles. If we are not doing so well, pretty good, mentally, physically and spiritually. We need to look in the mirror and say to ourselves; 'SURELY THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS"? Maybe it is time that we took a hold of our lives and stop complaining, blaming and "singing the blues". And repeat as many times that it takes:

This is my life and I am going to do something with it, "NOW"!

HongKong 4/2000


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