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Hawk Health Alert!
To all those who have been concerned and tried to get in touch with me in the last four months, please, accept my apology.

A Little Background ( drum roll if you please!)

In February of 2010 while I was in Leon, Nicaragua I decided to leave Nicaragua and  head for Mexico. One morning "I had a hitch in my giddy-up" I was having a difficult time walking. Plus my balance was off. I decided to temporarlty interrupt my walk and head directly to a VA. Hospital, stateside. 

This happened once before. I was in Xian, China. I had to go on crutches, my back went out. I checked into a Army Hospital.

The Chinese doctor that was doing the examining had done his internship at the "Mayo Clinic" in, New York. Now he was the head surgeon of the Osteopathic Department. He suggested that the ruptured disk that showed up on the MRI, could be repaired via surgery to relieve the pain. That remedy did not particularly excite me, I ask if there was another approach to the problem. He went on to say; that there was a number of back and abdominal exercises that might strengthen the basic core muscles which could possibly revive the pain. I replied, "that's for me".

I started the given exercises along with 'pumping some iron'. After a month I was walking and playing tennis again. "How sweet it was!"! Now and then, in the following months I would have muscle spasms upon awaking and a little uneasiness in my lower back. But I would just walk through it. 

I checked into the VA Hospital in Houston,Texas on March the third, 2010.

I became a living pin cushion after many blood tests. Following all the blood tests, the x-rays, the MRI came the evaluation from my Provider Physician who collected all the reviews and comments about my physical condition.

My Prostate growth level had moved from a 4.2 level to a 7.66 level.

I was informed that if one was past the age of 75, a biopsy would not be done unless the patient insisted that it be done. And also, since I was 82 years of age there was a strong indication that I had prostate cancer and that an operation due to my age would be risky at best. The physician went on to say: that the older I would get the growth would be slower. And that I would probably not die of cancer but of old age. I thought to myself; "how nice "!

Now, as for my back problems: The MRI said that I have Osteoarthritis, Spondylitis and Stenosis up and down my spine. Six of my spinal disks were bulging at the seams. From the Lumbar area; up to the Cervical disks. Stenosis had set in causing the canal that surrounds my spinal cord to narrow. In turn the spinal nerves were being affected. I have little or no feeling in the lower part of my legs and feet. The doctor remarked; "I do not know how you are able to walk. But somehow you are". As to how long it will be that you will be able to walk is anybodys' guess." He went on to say: "that if I gave in to my present condition. I would become bed ridden much faster. So keep moving."

I left Houston and returned to Mexico to finish the walk.

Presently, I am on three drugs for the rest of my life, unless the heavens split open an a miracle happens. Two are for the prostate and the third is to help relieve the very annoying pain in my back, etc,,,A NEW NAME HAS BEEN ADDED TO MY CHARTS : Neuropathy ( no feeling in my ankles and feet).

As they do say;" Into each life some rain will fall and that's life". I remarked to the physician; that all my life I have been blessed with unbelievable 'good health' and in the light of what I have seen not only in all the World but especially since being in a Veterans' Hospital and seeing the physical handicaps of so many. I am indeed fortunate.

I would suggest for all those who are feeling sorry for themselves. Please visit a Veterans' or a Chiderns' ward and see the incurables. Enough said.


Upon hearing the words: " You will probably not die from cancer but of old age." I thought to myself; 'I am standing in the middle of 'old'. What a rude awakening! But the real blessing is; I'm the lucky one, I have reached the golden years. So many have not

Remember every ending holds within a new beginning. The marriage of these two can connect all the dots.

Life is a 'walk' down many unknown roads. Some smooth others a little bumpy. A few are under construction with detour signs ahead. If we are fortunate enough, we will walk many roads leading to many destinations. Learning along the way that the journey in most cases is more important than the destinations.  Just maybe there will be a very long road winding its' way homeward bound. And we will arrive warm and well in the winter months of our lives. Hopefully looking forward to the wonders of a new spring, a new beginning, a new journey.

New Health Alert 

I am slowly getting my balance back via Physical Therapy, Water Excercises and walking a mile every day. My challenge is to ride a bicycle before the summer is over when balance improves. Then on to "TaiChi". Once I feel sure that my balance is completely back. My next challenge is to get back on a Honda Aspencade motorcycle. Then back to playing tennis.

Next month I will be 86 years young. My biggest challenge is reaching the Gold Medal, ( 100 years ) young or over. I have lived by Challenges all my life. Maybe; this will be my last. Maybe not!





For those who were concerned:

MRI #1 evaluation

MRI #2 evaluation
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