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Time Walk
The paradox of the way or the path is that there is no path, no way. When anything (thought, word, opinion, creed, dogma, method, ritual) is chiseled in stone or concretized. It is no longer what it was. It has lost its' purity its is-ness, its' spirit.

One of Humanity's' most glaring flaws is its' propensity to organize all and everything. We seem uneasy until we categorize, classify and catalogue everything. Sadly believing by defining it; we are in control. When in fact we become limited and constricted by this practice.

This is evident when we capitalize both the Path and the Way, or emphasize by saying; The Path, The Way. Now this will not get you drummed out of the human race. But it does infer that we have mistaken the method for the process. 

There are many paths, many ways but that is all they are. If we should make the mistake of falling down and worshipping them, as an end in and of themselves. We will be none the wiser. If one knows the difference one can say; the path, the way.

But if asked; if there is a way, a path. A qualifying statement needs to be used. So that one does not mislead. Case in point; When asked; how do you meditate? Do you cease all thoughts? Do you shut out the world? Do you use controlled breathing? Do you assume a special posture? How long do you meditate? My usual comment is; that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of different ways to meditate. It is not the method, it is one's attitude, one's posturing. How one enters into the state of meditation. It is not what one does. It is, who one is.



We are past the time of pacifying ourselves as we walk within our comfort zones. The existing ills of the world-at-large will not just go away or take a walk. They are here whether we acknowledge them or not.

Our days of silence are over. We the peoples of the World must in unison rise up and cry, "enough is enough"."We will not stand by and watch our world being destroyed by greed and self-indulgence, debilitating poverty and food insecurity, lack of education and unemployment, poor infra-structures, disease and pestilence. Or any other de-selfing or de-humanizing factors that denies personal worth and self respect for all.

As Donne`said; "No man is an island unto himself. The bell tolls for each of us".

Mother Earth is dying and so are many, to many of her children ( 24,000 each day). And we; as the human species have become the destroyers of both the earth and our children. By our apathy and indifference. We take and take to the point of satiation, as the earth weeps and the children cry.

It is strange indeed that we after all this time and effort are prone towards our own self- destruction whether the causes be outward or inward. Our insistence of being less than we are is indeed a puzzlement, an eternal paradox. We need to stop; this age-old head burial ritual and shake the sand out of our ears and eyes. So we can begin to hear and see again. So we can take up the challenges of being the best of all our potentialities and possibilities. Not only for our own well-being but for the health of the World-at-large.

For it is still true that a better World begins with a better you and I. No one can be exempt or become an absentee human being. To be a human being, means to be humane.

To become and be all one was created to become and be. To expand all the gifts and graces of our human nature so that we might reach out beyond our human nature and clothe ourselves in the Light. Anything less violates our I-am-ness. We were created  out of " The Image ". The  Author of "All and Everything".


From purely a survival point,we cannot live either in the past or the future. For all our energies, talents and skills need to be saved for the present. For it is the present which needs our undivided attention, decisiveness and conscious effort. If we the peoples of this world are to survive the poverty of our intellect. And the perversity of our sometimes irrationality that is evident both in our individual and collective lives. Then "Now" must become important to us.

In reality the "Now" is all we have for sure. The pen, paper or plate may drop and the breath cease. And tomorrow fails to make an appearance. What then? The past is past, the future is problematic. So, if there is something that needs doing. "Now" is the time before the final curtain.



Each day as we step into the flow of time. It is not unlike stepping into a lazy stream each day at the same spot that is not the same spot. Why?, because the flow disallows sameness it is never the same. Just as we are never the same. Time cannot march in place. What appears to be is not necessarily so.

There are those changes we can perceive. But the more subtle changes escape our detection. For in a way, change is in the air. As is; the light and the darkness. The Gravity and the Electromagnetic Fields that surrounds us.

The same could be said about those daily changes within the physiological, psychological and the spiritual dimensions of our body, mind and spirit.



How does one reach beyond ones' human nature? Certainly it is more than being born in a particular time and space. More than our DNA, RNA, our genetic structuring or our family tree.  And yes; even our our thinking, feeling and doing.

Does part of the answer lie in the fact, that we never ask or question our existence? As far as we know; we are the only animal that has taken many of the gifts of creation and used them to reach beyond self and the given environment. . 

Presently our posture is wait and see; as we finish our space projects and travel. Our Stem Cell Research and the possibility of Human Cloning. Along with the Genetic Engineering that will extend life and eradicate many of our life-threatening diseases. There seems to be no end to our search for the beyond as we prepare for deep space. A flight into the face of the Ineffable

But surely we are far more than our creations. And the accumulation of our words and deeds. What then are we? Who are we?

The answer to these questions; these eternal questions are worth the quest. And for those who have the singular passion, the burning desire to seek after.To continually search, the answers will come. And they will know and be who and what they were meant to be, what they were created to be. Which we have forgotten.  

The day will come when we will match our outward ascension with an inward ascension. And our flight of Light will be our last flight.



I have looked into the eyes of time and seen the boy and the man of years past. Time has shown me the best and the worst steps of humanity and also of my own. Reminding me of our frailties and our Divinity.

And for this glimpse and others; I am exceedingly grateful for now I know my return has always been expected. A return back to that time before the word (time)was coined. That place of many names. Where "will" meets WILL and the two are united as One..As the Alpha and the Omega are one.



Why do we insist on living in the shadow-lands of those who are just existing. Instead of living in the light of those who are aware and alive to the possibilities and the potentialities that can be and are.



As has been said; "our destiny lies not in the stars, but within". The answers to the quintessential questions; Who am I?, Why am I here and Where am I going lies within each of us. All, have been given the necessary gifts and graces to search out the why and wherefore of human existence? The meaning of life and ones' ultimate purpose.

But as a banquet laid out before us is of little use unless one partakes of the food. So it is with the given gifts and graces. This searching of which we speak must be without ceasing until the below and the above are known and understood. And the whisper; "You are "That" I Am, becomes audible.

Two time-worn mandates; "Know Thyself" and "Unto Thyself be true" are wake-up calls for us.To Awaken! 

Unless we Become and Be, who and what we are. We will live out our lives in bankruptcy. In permanent spiritual poverty. The Light shines within and without if we will become and be awake and alive. Alive to the reality that we are Spirit out the Spirit which is part of "All and Everything."

We move and have our Being in the Truth. We are the expressed Image of the Image, the "I am That I AM". And because this is so, we have the possibility to ascend and Be that which we were intended, created to Be. To be that which just Is. That which already is. 



A Seeker does not limit his or her seeking to just one level of seeking. An avid Seeker searches in and out of "All and Everything" with an insatiable curiosity. A desire to learn, to know about all manner of things.

The word WHY is always on the lips of a Seeker.

One needs to Become and Be that which is sought after. And after becoming one with, he or she must separate from and continue to seek and ask WHY?



The links for a strong relationship, are forged in the foundries of the heart. And the fires of these foundries are fed by the temper of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.



All systems, paradigms, beliefs, creeds, dogmas, ways, means and instruments are meant to facilitate growth and evolution. In essence they are but static versions of the dynamic ever flowing REALITY. They are but representations, symbols of the IS-NESS, that JUST IS. They must not become an end in and of themselves. No more than a blossom on an apple tree is the end product.

All and Everything is in process; growing and expanding. Changing moment by moment always in flux. If we are to reach our wholeness; we must seek and ask all the way from the cradle to the grave for the path out of many paths. So that each may walk back in their own particular way. Back from whence, we all came.



I am neither consistent or inconsistent. I am both. when the need arises. But in that moment I am aware that I am being inconsistent for that particular 'need to be' situation. Or to say it another way; I am consistent in my inconsistencies. Continuity is difficult to maintain when change is a certainty. One can be inconsistent, if they are consistent by WILL. Otherwise the handmaiden to inconsistency is indecisiveness, Which can in-turn come from a lack of confidence, self-esteem, a lack of knowledge, timidity, not liking oneself and the list goes on.

There is a time for diversity and a time for unity. For unity is the goal, the gathering of "all and everything". In unity we see diversity, it is all around us, in all of Creation. Look at the Human race how diverse it is or look at Nature. Now, that is diversity!    

As we look at ourselves, are we not many things to many people. To mothers, we are sons. To wives, husbands. To children, fathers. We are employees and employer, lovers and friends, kings or subjects, teachers and pupils. Our diverse roles are endless.

But even so there is a unity. We may be different things to different people but there is only one of us. And the unity of all our roles and sub-personalities comes about when we recognize that we are more than all these roles and sub-personalities. That we have a Infinite Self that can help bring all these diversities together in balance and harmony. Like the Conductor of the Philharmonic Symphony who brings together all the artists of the symphony under one Baton. Bringing all the different instruments with their different sounds into a harmonious blend. The instruments don't look alike don't even sound alike, the skilled players don't look alike nor do they play alike but under the watchful eye and the skillful guidance of the Master Conductor, beauty is born.

It is no different with human beings; with all their strengths and weaknesses, all their talents and skills, all their diverse natures, all the different roles, that he or she plays. All the various things goings on in the mental, emotional and spiritual areas. Under the Baton and the guidance of our Actualized Self, our core Self, use your own semantics. We, not unlike the players of the symphony can achieve the same cohesiveness, the same unity, harmony and balance.



We need to travel our paths freely with no malice of thought, word and deed. And with an open heart. For as we walk; all the myths, symbols and signs are waiting to teach. As are the Masters of Rightness. To those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

The Call
Is to Become, Be and Do.
So one can speak the words;
"I am that I am.



Just do it; put steps to your dream. And you will see a dream walking beside you and with you, hand in hand.

What the world needs are those people with a dream, with a vision, a hope, a belief, an expectation. Something to nurture and look forward too. As one looks expectantly at a new garden.

What is life without a dream or a hope to hold onto? To become part of and it to become a part of us.

But the secret lies not only in having a dream but in doing it. "Just do it".



We need to be rid of the head burial ritual. And wipe the sand from our eyes. And shake the sand out of our ears. For to see and hear is to know and understand what is behind the sights and sounds of the World.



How does someone become all one should be? By becoming and being all they were created to be. And what pray-tell does that mean? It means learning how to choose the best, the better and the more excellent way of thinking, feeling, speaking and doing. So that ones' thoughts and feelings are in balance and in harmony. In all things; within or without, we need to seek out this same balance and harmony.  We can do this because we are what we think!

The underlying purpose of balancing is; in the synthesizing of all our senses (touch, smell, taste, sound, sight, and touch), all our levels of consciousness. [ lower, middle and higher] All our desires and wants that come out of all our many minor personalities. 

Out of this synthesizing process, we have the beginnings of finding out; who we are?, why we are here? And where we are going? As all this is taking place we have the possibility to bring all things, 'above and below' together in unity. (balance and harmony). Unity consciousness was and is the Alpha and the Omega. Its' " All for one, and one for all."



Every time we find ourselves using a consensual language; whatever the tongue, to describe or define the nature of things as they are; their intrinsic core their "thus-ness". We are more than likely to miss the mark. Because of our linear sequential thought patterns which do quite well as long as we stick to the one and two-dimensional frames of references. But our sequential thinking begins to diminish as we move into the third, fourth, fifth and the additional dimensions. Our respective languages fail us as we move from the vertical and the horizontal into the dimensions of depth[space], time and infinity. Only the symbols of mathematics, or art and poetry; seem to be able to reach out into depth, time and infinity. And oh! yes, let us not forget the language of music.

Once we step out of the first two dimensions, our consensual languages become inadequate and ineffective in communicating the realities of the additional dimensions. Partially because we spend most of our time in the vertical and horizontal dimensions. Depth, time and infinity need different modalities and paradigms of perception if we are to understand the worlds beyond our usually vertical and horizontal thinking.

We have difficulty in visualizing depth, time and infinity and in becoming part of. All spatial dimensions grow out of one another (horizontal, vertical, depth, time and infinity).



We run after happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, sensual enjoyment, power, prestige, status, fame, money and approval. And we ask; is there any other means of motivation besides the above self-interest frames of references. Is it possible to divorce, to dis-attach, to dis-identify the self-interests from the self? And leap into our Ultimate Self?

Answer: Yes.

By doing what we do; the task at hand for its' own sake. Surrendering to the task at hand is necessary while keeping ones' ultimate intent intact. Ones' posturing and positioning must shine through each and every task; from walking, talking, sitting, eating or even in scrubbing the floor. This posturing involves a seeing, a viewing that is both subjective and objective at the same time. Sort of a split screen seeing. Watching ourselves watching as we move in, through and beyond the circumstance or the situation before us.

We hear the term "menial tasks" with overtones that such and such is boring and below ones' level. This type of thinking and word selection is a matter of posturing. Things should not dictate how one feels or does not feel. If a persons' mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with "all and everything" there is no such thing as a menial task.

It is important to be centered and focused, pro-active instead of reactive. Knowing the task and the requirements of that specific task and doing it. We are talking about a "Presence", a Nowness". Nowness is experienced when one just does it. Pro-action is not necessarily dictated by time, place and circumstances. Pro-action needs to have a quality of spontaneity for the situation at hand.

We need to ask; is this an evolutionary task, an evolutionary service, an evolutionary intention, in serving this task, this "Now"? Are growth and evolution being served for the World, others or for the real Self?

What tasks fit the above requirements? All tasks. What is in question is not the tasks themselves, but the intent, the motivation, the way of doing a particular task. Where is ones' mind, heart, and spirit as they perform the task, job, the profession, or whatever they are doing?



Don't let somebody else define you. Nor allow anyone to de-self you, including yourself. Find your melody, your glow. In so doing life will become the sound of music and the color of joy.



One cannot use the same attitude, posturing or mindset to solve the problems that caused their problem. The phrase "to die daily" in its' simplest interpretation; means to die, to put to rest those crippling attitudes, poor posturing and the mind-set that is causing the problem or exacerbating it. Solutions need to come from new and different options, paradyms, frames of references, posturing, attitudes or mind set.

Otherwise, one will be sentenced to utter futility and frustration. Trying to get out of the hole, they have dug for themselves. Some people choose to remove themselves from their present surroundings and start anew. This may solve some of the problems but we must remember; we have probably brought our old habits with us. And if we are the main problem of our problems. We need to change the way we walk, talk, think and do. A new person needs to be born. And this takes some doing. Especially when one thinks, they are just fine.



So many things start in lower case letters before becoming upper case letters,

A dream,
A way of life,
and god,
Just to mention a few.



Only silence can protect the purity of ones' experiences. Along with the aliveness, the richness and the vividness. Words dilute and steal the freshness, the vitality and the innocence of the moment.

Verbiage is a poor substitute for Reality. Once the experience is exposed to the wind of words its' purity is violated. It becomes less than... losing its' "Is-ness.



It has been said: that in the scale of evolution the human species arrived on the scene a couple of minutes just before midnight, placing humanity at the end of the evolutionary scale. That we are the capstone of "All and Everything.

But there is another possible scenario; we might have arrived on the scene a couple of minutes just before noon. And we ask, what now? What happens in the next twelve hours? Can we shape and create our own destiny out of all the gifts and graces which have been so graciously given? "Are we masters of our fate, captains of our soul?"

What say you?
You, who is the benefactor of "All and Everything".



What does it mean to be responsible? One might say; my responsibility is to give of that which I have received. Or maybe a better way to say it; my responsibility is to reflect as a mirror. Mirrors reflect images; they mirror in reverse. The light is reflected back allowing one to see themselves differently because of the reverse effect. I have said elsewhere that 'more is caught than taught'. What we reflect, what we mirror is more important than what we say.

Therefore it is important that we ask ourselves; In who's or what reflection do we stand.? Am I the Expressed Image of the Image that I stand in front of? Am I part of it and it is part of me?



If one wishes, desires to become the very best at what he or she does or desires after. There is a need to focus, to center oneself in and on that which is sought after. A need to understand that mastery of anything takes a total commitment, a consistent determination, and self-discipline on ones' part. Along with a  discrimination between the better, the best and the more excellent way, means and instruments, skills and techniques that will afford the maximum results needed to achieve one's fullest potentialities and possibilities in whatever the choice and or endeavor might be.

I would hasten to add in using the phrase one's fullest potentialities and possibilities. That we are not limiting these words only to the choice, effort, goal or the end product. No, no! One's fullest possibility and potentiality must include the harmonizing and the balancing of the mind, body, and spirit. Along with all of one's thoughts, words, and deeds. If there is to be a "wholeness" and a "unity consciousness" with "All and Everything".

All parts, components, bits and pieces, all sensations, feelings, emotions, and thoughts are to be brought into an integrated effort for the accomplishing of the choice and the endeavor we have chosen.

We are to become and be that which we seek after. But at this critical point, we need to be in but not totally of. By this, we mean intensity is fine [ controlled intensity]. But it is paramount for us to remember that we are more than our choices, desires, goals, objectives, knowledge, wisdom, insights, ways, means, instruments, rituals, symbols, thought, words and deeds. And of course the finite realities we perceive to be real. 



What is necessary and what is unnecessary for our lives?
If they are necessary, why are they necessary?

Are they necessary to my mind, my body, my spirit?

Are they necessary to my feelings, my emotions, my senses?

Necessary; to what part of me?
my wants,
my desires,
my needs,
my fantasies,
my expectations?

Whatever hampers, hinders, devalues, de-selfs, de-humanizes, deters, stunts, diminishes, demeans, denigrates is unnecessary.

Whatever engenders, empowers, promotes, enhances, motivates, enthuses. incite, affirms, celebrates, enlivens, enlightens, endows, inspires and encourages is necessary.



One can choose to walk one of two paths; one path allows us to enjoy the fruits of "all and everything" as an end unto itself. The other path leads one to experience an expanded consciousness, a "cosmic consciousness", a Unity Consciousness. 

The fruits of the expanded conscious, the Objective consciousness are inclusive--- no limits, no boundaries. Consciousness at these developmental levels outstrips the mere enjoyment of the fruits of all Creation, as an end. The Creator consciousness allows one to regain their rightful inheritance. An inheritance of becoming one with the fruits via the path of enlight-ment which returns the Prodigal back to his/her beginnings, their Origins, the Void, i.e., The Absolute Will, the Absolute Body of love.

The first path leads to a no- exit. The second path reaches beyond the beyond where there is no beginning, no end. For the Alpha and the Omega are one.



This point in space and time, this, "Now", is like trying to grasp the incoming fog that is rolling into sleep with me tonight. Both, the shadows of the vast stillness of the night and my thoughts behind the quiet of my mind are playing 'hid and seek'. I call too my thoughts but they do not answer "why I do not know? The fog touches me, penetrating me but my thoughts will not come. Why do they hide from me? What have I done to cause this emptiness?

"I demand that you come from your hiding place and show yourself, now!" 

Suddenly, in my minds' eye stood a single demanding question; "Who and what are you. Answer me that?" The words shattered the silence. Again, the Question demanded;"Who and what are you?"   This Question and I have grown old together, we have spent time since my youth. We are old friends. It is always with me, even when it is not. It never allows me to forget; my search, my looking, my asking. As I walk amid the visible and the invisible of my time and space.

Sometimes I think I am to close in seeing what I need to see. To close to hear what I need to hear. I cannot get out of my own way. I am like the fire that cannot burn itself or the sword that cannot cut itself. Or the man that cannot find the horse he has lost because he is riding it. Yet strangely I know the answer of who and what am I?. But my question is, how do I know?

Trying to retrace my steps, to self-remember how I arrived at this point, this "Now, seems implausible, for, by all logic, I should not be here. The path, my path is non-traceable. Like the flight of an arrow, or a bird, or the wind. Yet the path is there, visible, yet invisible, the same but different for each who seeks it out.

I have crawled, walked, stumbled, fallen, and ran among and with the dead; with the aware and the alive. I have been in and out, above and below in and around life, three scores and ten plus. In a way I am no closer in answering, "who and what am I, or why am I here or where am I going?" Than I was when I turned twelve years of age asking the same questions. And yet I am.

My knowing has nothing to do with my linear thought processes. I suspect my knowing is intuitive, out of a different paradigm, a different modality. An impression out of my total seeking and experiencing all these many years on earth.

An accumulative process of synthesizing the "All and Everything" of my searching. This search has become the Question


The time for worshipping
has passed.
Now is the time,
To be.
What has been worshipped.
The more excellent way,
To worship.
Is "Being "that which is,



Somewhere I read; "We do the possible quickly, the impossible takes us just a bit longer." This is a "can be," a "can do" posture. We often hear; "I could have{been}...or might have{been} if only...". As opposed to "I can{be} or I will{be}." I hesitate to use the word "ideal" because ideals can become exclusive, concretized and limiting. So let's use the word "wholeness." If one is "whole", together, in communion with "All and Everything." They are "in the flow", they are the flow, they are not static or the status quo. They are energy in motion. They can do the seemingly impossible at times. Because they fail to limit themselves. They "just do it".

For the last forty years of my life; I have in my writings, speaking and living. Centered around the inquiry of growth and evolution, as it has to do with the human psyche. As to how we see ourselves, others, the World and the things of this World. Early on in my life, I asked, "What's it all about, Alfie?" 

My favorite question has always been "Why?." Such as, why do we seemingly accept that the accumulated knowledge of the past is sacrosanct, without examination, without questioning its' premises. We now know that the Earth is not the center of the Universe nor is it flat as it was once believed. Where are our heresies today? Why are we so taken by the pronouncements of the High Priests and Priestesses, along with the Guru's, of the Social and Academic Disciplines

Those who fall in line and follow after, are in the most part limiting themselves. Not only does the disciple limit himself by holding to but one paradigm. He/she limits the teacher at the same time. The learner must not become limited or bound to. He/she must be free to be aware, to see and to hear. To discriminate between the real and the unreal, the true and the false. And the light from the darkness. And to be always aware that the unreal will forever be trying to convince him or her, that it is the "real McCoy". Illusions and delusions are easy to come by. Making the unreal become real.

My, my !, how I do get wound up.

After saying all that, let's you and I look at some hints, some sightings, some perceptions that might be considered to be benchmarks, lights along the way that point to "wholeness". While always keeping in mind that the description and the speaker are not the actually. The actually is in the becoming and being, the intent of the word. The word "wholeness" is but a word, not the reality. There is a need to see into the word {in-sight}, around and beyond the word. The word attempts to describe, but the word is not the description, is not the actuality. Not That which just is.

The following are seedlings of in-sight.

In crisis situations, wholeness demands the ability to call together all of ones' strengths, their understanding, and wisdom to offset any of the imbalance. And to restore the needed order and unity.

Here we might use the Buddhist word, the bringing of a "Mindfulness" to the present moment. So as to rise above whatever the situation might be. Becoming a gentle warrior, if you like, with a strong resolve and intent. That results in a decisive pro-action.

Wholeness calls for a flexibility, to roll with the punches. To stay mentally alive and active. To be a watcher and observer, that is aware and intent. To be aware that worries, fears, and anxieties have little relative importance in the light of day. This calls for one to be active and to discriminate. To be able to integrate the less pleasant at times, into the flow of life. To always be aware of the unity in diversity. Requiring one to be mentally alive, flexible and intensive. Which also spells out, the ability to focus, to center in on. Without this intent attention, "the present" slips by us unnoticed and unattended too. Usually, because we are preoccupied with the past or the future. This "wholeness" of which we speak demands a response-ability to the "now". To see things in their proper perspective, as to how they relate to the overall schema of "all and everything."

This response-ability has a vital interest in "all and everything" It sees all and hears all of the moment. A presence in the present. This awareness coupled with insight, allows the person to know the inner "why" of what is going on around him or her. Allowing one at the same time" to maintain a balance and a harmony in the middle of disorder and disunity. This posits a posture of endurance, strength, and steadfastness. The ability to stand firm in the face of great stress. With a "courage to be", to overcome, to rise above life's vicissitudes when needed.

This necessitates the following of an "inner calling". Knowing that the right insights will be found within at the right time. If, the "inner light" is pursued without ceasing. In this certainty of "being aware", one brings to the table of life a sense of being part of the "Whole". A unity with "all and everything".

All these things are possible, they are not just "could be" or "might be" potentialities. They can and are possibilities. If one will make the conscious decision and effort to ask themselves; "What's it all about, Alfie? Why am I here in this time and space? What am I to be about? And who or what am I anyway?



"Grab your coat and get your hat." We are going to cross over to that other side of the street, where the sun is not shinning. And walk among the shadows and see those areas that bring so much misery, sorrow fear, worry, anxiety, and loneliness.

Look over there, crouched in the shadows of despair and lack of purpose. You will see Boredom and his two companions; Apathy and Indifference.

There standing in the doorway, stands Jealousy, Distrust, Hatred, and Envy.

Did you notice that person, just now on that stationary bike? He is one of those who cannot learn from past errors and mistakes, going neither forward or backward. Just existing from day to day. Living not in the present, in the "now's " of life. neither seeing or understanding what is happening at the moment. Possibly self-centered{ obsessed with his own worries and troubles} to the exclusion of everything around him. Seemingly apprehensive to a fault, doom and gloom, his daily diet "The sky is falling" syndrome.

There hiding in the alleyway, huddled together are the self-reproaching, who lack self-esteem, self-worth, and self-respect. That can turn into resentment, anger, frustration, and bitterness.

We need to be getting back to the other side of the street, the sunny side. Before all this starts rubbing off on us. It can you know. If you spend to much time here. And then one starts singing the "blues in the night". And that other tune; "woe is me."

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