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Walking Thoughts
We can only drop the seed, or the pebble. The growth and the ripple effect are beyond our control. The harvest may or may not come afterwards.



We can only open the door. We cannot take someone's hand and lead them through the door and beyond. They must choose to walk through the door on their own.

As much as we might wish to give of our experience. Experience is non-transferable. What we need to give, can give, is our Presence. The I Am-ness  which we have fleshed out. That we have gleaned from the experence "the gold from the dross". From 'all and everything'.



Be aware of who you are,
And what you are about.
Realize that you attract others.
Because of who and what you are.



There are two truths
My truth
Your truth. 

If we
seek daily after "Truth". 
We can share the same truth,
Our Truth.



Don't waste your time or your energy,
On yesterday.
Let today be for today.
The past is the Past, let go of it.
"Let the dead bury the dead."

Climb back into the flow of life.
Today will become your past.
Make it count. Make it a joy.
Make it a beautiful memory for tomorrow.



As with all probing and explorations into the chasms of truth. One must continue to dig deeper in between the crevices of the Consciousness levels. Down deep into the 'Transcendental Stillness'. As the depth and the levels change, so does the materiality of those doing the digging. Strangely, they are never the same. Plus, there is no turning back. 'The die is cast'.



It is important that we come to grips with the impermanence of Life. Life is in flux. Change is the name of the game. But this should not be such a shock to us; all of Life is about birth, death and rebirth. About change and transformation; the changing of size, shape and seasons. Nothing on earth or in the Kosmos stays exactly the same. Growth and e-volution (Conscious Energy.) Along with the process of de-volution (Creative Energy) are in a constant inter-change. Change is the granddaddy of all time. Life is a metamorphous of motion and energy, generated by Will. The 'Alpha and the Omega'.

Since the manefestations of 'all and everything' are in constant flux and change. Transformation becomes a second by second "happening." Does the mind, body and spirit escape this eternal process of transformation? One would think not.



Speculation for speculation sake is a 'no exit' when it comes to the areas of metaphysics, philosophy, religion, or the Spiritual realm. It solves nothing, answers even less. It might well be referred to as "mental masturbation". Even though it may make for a pleasant evenings' interlude for social discourse. Let's face it; if we are discussing the intangibles, abstract formulations, philosophical inquires, the Ineffable ,or the reality of the Reality. We are 'whistling in the dark'. Such things cannot be perceived by pure intellection. Nor can the rubrics of conceptualization do them justice. Partially because consensual language is inadequate in defining the "Ineffiable"

Knowledge of, understanding of the Ineffable comes about by experiencing the "is-ness" the " thus-ness" of these ellusive things. Call the simile, choose your semantics via " awakening" or being aware and alive to the "nowness" of that which is being experience. To become aware, awakened, and alive to the moment allows us to see reality as Reality during this quickening. A Reality which is neutralized energy cannot be created or destroyed.  For Reality is neither permanent or impermanent. It just is THAT which just IS. It has no beginning no end. It has been recorded as the Alpha and the Omega, One and the Same. The All in All.

Reality is not concepts, creeds, dichotomies, categories, classifications, or modalities, conditions or non-conditions, causes and effects. There is no Duality. Reality "just IS".

The sooner we embrace all this. Come to know, understand and BE... our "Ultimate Nature".  Become and know that we are One with All and Everything and with the ALL IN ALL. We will know; Who, Why and What we are? And always have been.



Technology, materialism, consumerism, industrialism, or whatever "ism" which comes front and center is not immoral.  They are not inherently negative, destructive, dehumanizing, de-selfing or demoralizing. They are amoral but of course they can; become all the above and more via human choice and endeavor. As human beings; we can moderate and balance any and all manefestations. whether internal or external. Through the Power of the "Mind".

Never, never are we to allow the externals to be the controlling factors in our livess.. The externals cannot be allowed in the saddle to ride us. It must be the other way around. To help in this dilemma. It wouldn't be a bad idea if we would find out; just who and what we are? What we are to be about? If these questions can be answered; we can become and be the answers we find. Then we will KNOW THAT, WE KNOW. When this happens all questions will cease.



There have been those times in my life when I just wanted to grab a particular person and shake them until their teeth rattled. It is so disheartening to watch a person who is just 'sleep-walking' through life. Especially those who have so much going for themselves and have accepted less. What a waste! Sort of like fallen fruit on the ground that eventually spoils. Unless someone intervenes and rescues it from where it has fallen.



To accept defeat as being permanent is to forfeit one's courage "to be". To have a defeatists' attitude "also forfeits life; leaving one to live in the arid wastelands of deprivation. Let's put it another way; if we accept any conditions or effect that blocks our well-being, our growth. Ones' e-volution towards wholeness, the final Reality. We are  selling our birthright to be called a Human.

Choosing to follow the wastelanders who live in the shadows. Or the vacuous people who appear to be living, although their pallor belies the fact. For they are dying moment by moment.  We cannot allow the dead to bury the l,iviing



Empty lives seek substitutes as do painful lives. Many times with little or no regard as to the consequences to oneself or others. What they want is all that counts. Disregarding any and all rules (ground rules) for a momentary fleeting fix to make up for the meaninglessness of their lives.  Or to elevate ones' feelings of boredom, worry, fear, anxieties and guilt. By de-selfing others, they become as T.S. Eillot so aptly described; 'the hollow people'. Or as I have previously said; they are the surface people who flit here, there and everywhere. Liken to skipping stones across the waters' surface. But as the energy thrust diminishes, they sink deeper and deeper into their watery graves.



How we posture our affirmations or injunctions is important. Case in point; human beings can transcend those tendencies that negate their humanness. How? 

Do not believe that you are only your mind, body, emotions or feelings. You are more, much more. You come from beyond, your humanness. You are of and out of Infinity. Image of the Image ( in kind and in likeness). The divine merging with the Divinity. One and the same.

And from these frames of references, these affirmations, this being of Being. You will remember who and what you are and return back to " THAT " which just " IS. " One with the ALL IN ALL.



In all my writings, discussions, statements or affirmations. I; at no time have meant them to be argumentative, demanding, condescending or patronizing. I wish them to be dialectic; if need be; challenging, empowering, enhancing and motivational.

These are but benchmarks, searchlights, suggestions, options, alternatives and reference points along the way. They are insights, reflections and points of Being. I would certainty agree that they have a great deal of intensity behind them.

There is no doubt that my enthusiasm has no bounds. And at times I have to sit on it. With certainty; I want what I write, or say to point beyond the intent and the word. To point to other possibilities and paradigms. For it is the spirit, not the letter, or the symbol that is important.

My disclosures are of a experiential nature; coupled with meditative insights which I have gathered along the way. Truths and values that has been proven to be so, {for me} up to this point in time and space. And hopefully there is more in store for me, just around the corner, or over the next horizon.

There is a need as one scripts their lives; to pencil in as many experiences as is possible. It is in the experiencing of the 'all and everything', in the internalizing of the 'thus-ness' of each now that allows the gift of awareness to surface. As we enter into the flow of life. Life will tutor us if we can acquire the art of seeing and hearing the lessons that are being re-presented over and over again. 

There is a continuity of growth and evolution, a sense of stability, along with a sustaining balance and harmony. With all systems  performing at peak levels. We have only so many breaths to breathe, so many hours to live (about 650,000 at birth) before we stop functioning. Life is precious,this we need to learn and appreciate. 

If things are not going as well as expected  One needs to reflect and reprogram. If perceptions or ones' structured reality is causing one's thoughts, words and deeds to be out of "sync". Leaving one in a state of ' quiet desperation'. It is time for a personal evaluation, an assessment of ones' priorities and choices  Along with a check-up, of one's priority list and value system.

If life has become dysfunctional with more downs than ups. Repair is called for, a re-tooling, a re-defining. So that a sense of "Well Being" can come front and center. To replace the dis-ease.

There are many methodologies to 'well-ness'. But, like Truth, Beauty, Goodness or Love. The secret lies in entering into the flow, the energy, the spirit of that which you choose and do. Method is hollow, becoming and being is the nexusl. So well-ness can become embedded within.



Things in and of themselves have little or no value. True or false? We decide what value to give things. Yes!  Everybody has their own rating practices; as to what is valuable or not valuable in their life. At the top of some peoples' list we might find such things; as status, position, power, wealth or even fame. With others, we see them giving value, importance to security and the accumulation of those things that promote and give some assurance to this wanted security.

 Security is important but the possessing of things can end up possessing us.  Becoming an end all to end all. One does not have to be a member of the "Mesa Society" to figure out that  externals are temporal and can be taken away in a blink of an eye. And because this is so; we need to ask ourselves; what happens then, how do we survive, how do we cope? What resources can we fall back on? When the roof caves in? 

We need to ask ourselves; are all these things just a substitute for what we really want?. Or do we acquire because we are seeking or wanting a feeling of security? Do we acquire because of our persistent loneliness, our need for a sense of belonging, to be accepted, to be loved. What is our intent, what is behind our motivations for the acquisition of things?


We started this discussion by saying that things, animate or inanimate have only the value we place or give to them. This is partially correct as it relates to our own structuring of reality. But things in an of themselves have their own "is-ness," their "thus-ness." One of our most grievous faults is we do not see that which just is, for what it is. We are more prone to see only what we want to see We conveniently wear a variety of tinted shades. Plus; we create the many images we hold to be real and of value.

We hinted that sometimes we seek out substitutes to help in our loneliness and emptiness. To help in our lack of feeling secure. Or in our needs of acceptance, belonging and being loved. Most of us are aware of the growing child who does many things to gain the attention of others. To be noticed, in a way feeds even though falsely a sense of identify. Giving a quick fix; but this quick mend does not last so it sends one off looking for a new fix and a new fix, on and on.

When discussing the value we have set on various things. Often there is no mention as to how a certain value came into being. Who sets it and why? What was the motivation behind it. We have all heard the phrase;" Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  Of the many possessions we have accumulated. We need to ask; has the price tag been set by society? Or did we increase the value after purchase?

Many times we attach a value to something, then we acquire and possess it. And along comes an identification and a attachment to those things which we have given a value too. And we continually keep raising the value and the acquiring. Sort of a self-fulfilling pricing. All this in the hope that our emptiness and loneliness will cease to be.

Here comes the commercial. As a popular comedian used to say; "Here comes the judge". True values cannot be created nor can there be a substitute for them.

The sad part of this entire scenario we have created; in giv-ing values to so many things, which have little or no value. We have forgotten: not only are we the price fixers, we are responsible for this "House of cards."

If we can become aware of this absurdity of how we have placed or overvalued so many things. And the possiveness we have established in regards to owning and the accumulating of things. To the point they have us, instead of we having them.  We are at the beginning of understanding how we create our reality and the world we have chosen to live in. If we have programmed the "absurdities" the "false", we can delete and re-program the "Real".

How many of the young and old cannot get out from under the burden, the control and limiting freedom, created by things.  Things we have breathed life into. Giving them the power to influence whether we will join the living or the dead.

What has been said up to now could as well apply to our relationships. Our beliefs, customs, and traditions. Our ideas and thoughts; also to all our myths and superstitions. All these which we have given a price tag too. We have given each and everything our evaluation. Much like we classify, categorize and catalogue everything. Believing in doing so, we know what it is. If we can name it, our fears are minimized. If we can price it, attach a value to it even if it is false. We feel less empty, less lonely. We are talking about temporary "Band-Aids".

All this has been said before in many different ways. And I feel certain these words will be repeated many times more. What ever we describe, is not that which is. Why? Because we see only in part, not as it is. Our thinking is fragmentary, incomplete, not "Whole". It is like trying to see the contents of a room by peeking through the keyhole. Or understanding an author and his thesis, by reading a few lines of a review on the jacket of his book. Or being aware of the moment while living in the past or the future.

If we can come to understand this, we just might, find out; "who and what" we really are.



During those breathings of bliss. The Void, holds court in silence. As my soul whispers; "thanks" amid a chorus of a "Great Amen".

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