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Is it standing on the inside looking out or standing on the outside looking in?
Or is it both at the same time?

Can the above be seen from the below or can the below be seen from above?
Or is it both at the same time?

Does the lesser depend upon the greater or does the greater depend upon the lesser?
Or is it both?

Can we, or will we ever see beyond the far?

Why, Oh! Why? 


Why do we insist on allowing those human enterprises that produce and sell any and all substances and materials that are dangerous and harmful to the well-being of the peoples' of the World and the environment of the Planet?

Why do we fan the fires of separation; via hate, prejudices, intolerance, exclusion and destruction? Are we not of the same seed from out of the past? When we look at one another; are we not aware that our physical attributes and the materiality of our bodies are much the same? Do not all who procreate do so to extend and ensure the survival of the human species? Are not our basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, love, acceptance, and respect? Pretty much the same where ever we may live?

Why is it taking us so long (50,000 years or so) to realize that diversity does not call for separation? Rather it calls for unity, balance, and peace. Our daily Teacher is Mother Nature. There is nothing as diverse as Nature. And yet all the countless expressions and imprints of this diversity co-exist in harmony, balance, and peace. We live in an ordered Universe. Nature is our living example of Unity.

Why has the basic automotive engine staid basically the same since its' inception?

Why have the alternative means of different energy sources been so slow in developing? Surely if we can send men to the Moon. And do all the thousands of innovations, we have done since the beginning of the 20th.Century up to now. Why are we so dependent on oil and gas.  Don't we know? (Big Business, Yes! Greed, Yes! Control, Yes!)

Why do we have millions of people starving and dying (men, women and children) on a daily basis when we have the knowledge and the "know how" (technology) to prevent this holocaust?

Why do we have 40,000 children a day dying? What grief would you suffer if just one of these children was yours? Imagine, just imagine; a football Stadium filled with 40,000 children and in a blink of an eye they are all dead. And all TV stations, all the newspapers and every type of media are showing, printing pictures of the fallen and twisted bodies of this unbelievable tragedy. As the airwaves are being filled with newscasters trying to find the words to describe such a nightmare of horror.

Asking the question; how could something like this happen?

Why are 2,500 persons dying of Aids each day in Africa? We have decoded the DNA. We are far beyond the discovery of the Atom with its' proton, electron and neutron. We are now dealing with the discovery of the finer particles of the Atom. We are advancing in a new frontier called Nano-Technology which is said to be just around the corner. Along with an Army of Servo-humanoids manned with Artificial Intelligence.

But wait a minute; what about the devastating Health problems of the Human Species at this point in time? Who cares? Indeed, Who cares?

Why do we allow ethnic cleansing; the killing of the innocence? How is this possible in a "knowledgeable and enlightened" World?
Why do we as Citizens of the World allow the deprivation, hunger, disease, and death that plagues the 'Refugee Camps' throughout the World? Are these human beings or just beasts of the field. This " Molly and me and baby makes three" mindset has to change to "one for all and all for one." WE ARE THE WORLD. We are family. We will not survive as a Species until we realize that we are all in this "Lifeboat" together. Our survival and safety depends on our being one with another. They do say "no man is an island unto ( his or her ) self."

Why do we still allow the sale of land mines? And why are we so lacking in compassion as not to clear the leftover land mines (millions upon millions) that are taking and maiming countless of lives on a daily basis all over the world.

Why do some believe and say; "I cannot do this or accomplish that. No, not me?" When they have never tried or proven this to be so? Fear of failure, how do we know? Fear of censure, how do we know? Surely we do not enter 'Life' knowing fear, failure, censure, despair or defeat? The slate is clean so to speak. There are no minuses only possibilities and potentialities. Horizons await!

Why do we settle for less instead of more? Surely this is not innate or inherent? Are we destined to be less than we are? No! A failure instead of a success? No! To be "down" instead of "up." No! It is hard to believe that we enjoy taking a ten count and out. In being a failure, a quitter, a loser instead of a winner. Zen do say;"Down seven times, up eight."

Why do so many never leave the Starting Gate? The race for them is over before it begins. Defeat becomes an accepted norm a reason? Laying down seems easier. "Yes"!

Why do we say everything is alright when it is not?

Why do we try to satisfy everybody when we can't satisfy ourselves?

Why do we say; "I love you" when we are not even sure we like ourselves, let alone love ourselves?

Why do we say; we know, when we know we do not know?

Why do we not say those things that need to be said? Or do that which needs to be done?

Why do we do those things that we need not or should not do? And fail to do that which we should do?

Why are we so indifferent, so unconcerned in the face of all the inequities, injustices, the hurt and pain that daily walks through our lives?

Why do we choose the lesser instead of the greater? Or settle for just existing instead of living?

Why do we softly kill ourselves second by second by our choices, our lifestyles, our attitudes and our habits?

Why do we insist or persist in doing all we can; to ruin our health, our well-being? To shorten our lives seemingly on purpose?

Why do we choose to walk with the dead instead of with the living?

Why do we allow love to be only love in the dark, denying that love is the light to disperse all the shadows?

Why do we turn our backs on life and opt out to slowly decay?

Why do we refuse to change even though we know we are in a rut and that our life is becoming more and more meaningless?

Why are we our own worst enemy?

Why do we believe that we are alone in the midst of abundance?  An abundance that has always been and always will be. Why are we so myopic that we cannot see that we are surrounded by Love?

Why do we give up on ourselves when we are the "Expressed Image of all there is"? In truth, we have no beginning or end. This is a heritage gift; we are the inheritors of "all and everything". We are the point of no point. We are of the Void, out of the Void and in the Void.

Why do we stop asking "WHY"?

Panama 2008 



If you strive to succeed
both success and failure
are waiting in the wings
to seize the moment
to take the final bow.

Remember it is not
what you say,
it is how you say it.
It is not the volume
it is the quality.

A whisper can be
more effective
than a shout.

Uruguay 2007

What Is The Purpose of your Journey?
The Journey is the purpose, arriving is anti-climatic. The immensity of circling the entire World not once but twice defies description. It is quite another thing to transverse the Earth; walking across Borders on foot over a continuous length of time; than flying here and there.
My first attempt to "walk around" was a comparatively short excursion to the "Journey' now in progress. Little did I know at the time of departure on August 28, 1983 as friends and well-wishers gathered to wish me a safe journey. As to what the horizons had in store for me. I had no idea how long it would take to walk all Fifty-States. Nor; could anyone imagine the multiple experiences in store for anyone who would choose to 'walk around' for three and an a half years, covering 14,000 miles in one of the most beautiful and diversified countries on Earth.
Each step of the way; each sight and sound, each place on the map or person wither causal or intimate. Each moment, day, month or year re-presented experiences within experiences, history within histories. Time and space became incidental. It was only a way to measure but in no way to explain the wonder and sheer ecstasy of the moment that fills all the senses one possesses which we seldom put to the test. A "Journey" that I have repeatedly referred to as a "Serendipity" stroll.
Any effort to capture in words a "Journey" such as this is an exercise in futility. A simple line of poetry comes to mind; "I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree."  No pen, brush or note, no depth of heart, mind or soul can even come near the mark of defining or expressing the greatness, the grandeur of this Odyssey. This "walk around" and its completion.
During this sojourn I have given over a thousand interviews via Radio, Television and Newspapers; spoken to countless Universities, Schools and organizations both large and small. To the young and old across the width and breath of the Earth. And the one question that has never left my mind during the entirety of this Walk. Is it worth it? Yes!, Yes!, every blessed step of the way. Because each continous step was reminding me of those who had walked the same byways, paths, roads and streets before me. Starting with that first singular person that stood upright and took that first step towards the horizon for all the generations that would follow. Without that first step; my steps would have never been nor would I be writing these words. May those who follow after, never stop reaching for all the unknown horizons that are waiting. Yes! waiting to be embraced.   
These are random thoughts, unedited, after awaking at three in morning for no apparent reason. One thought led to another, after I had finished writing, I read them and asked myself, why did these particular thoughts surfaced after being sound asleep? Also as I read them I was dimly aware that the essence of these thoughts was not new, I had seen them before or heard them in the past. Then I remembered writing something to the effect or saying something to a group of students that truth does not change, truth is always truth down through the ages. It is immutable, unchanging, irreversible, Truth is always the Truth and nothing but the Truth, it just is! Undeniably so! What changes is the interpretation of the written or spoken word after having been filtered by a fragmented mind-set that tries to re-present the original thought. It is only when a writer or a speaker experiences the same or similar life experience as the original writer or speaker experienced do we come close to the original words when they are rephrased. But even then; some wonder is this "the whole truth and nothing but the truth".
After all this verbiage, here are those nocturnal words for what they are worth. I believe the following words may speak about what I have been trying to say (How interesting are your thoughts? Are they worth the effort?) One needs to occasionally take an inventory of their thoughts at least once every a month. Has it not been said, "As one thinks, so they are".
James Allen wrote a small Inspirational book that has affected millions of lives since it's publication. Called, "As a Man Thinketh". Now, as you who are Bible readers know these words are close to the thought; "As a man thinketh so he is."   What is the saying; "there is nothing new under the sun." This may well be true because the thought, ("As a man thinks, he is") not only comes from the Bible. The same thought can be found in the writings of Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, and the writings of Buddha, Zoroaster, Aristotle, Socrates and in the Meditations of Marcus Arlureus.  And who knows where else?  They do say; you can't keep a good word down.
 Happiness is not from receiving but from giving.
 not from being but doing.
 We know to have a friend; we must first be a friend. To be happy one needs to make somebody happy.
 Most unhappiness is born out of a selfish attitude
 one has about all and everything.
 Happiness is an inward turn to an outward direction.
 Exclusivity and insularity are not compatible for happiness
 If ones finds themselves dependant on the transient instead of the permanent.
 Happiness will not come knocking at their door.
 If you are not happy with yourself.
 It is utter futility to seek happiness elsewhere.
 There is no time like the present to act on that which is the "best of you."
 For it may be later than you think. Is it not said, "that tide and time waits for no one?"
 Where does one live most of their lives? Strangely enough most people spend a great amount
 of their lives just mind wandering. If this is so, how attractive is the interior of your mind?

 How have you furnished it? Attractively I hope!


Life is like a flowing river. And if this be so we need to embrace the flow and make it a part of our lives.                     

I Wonder Why?
I wonder why?
There was
No music
No warm
Kiss or sigh.
A heart
I wonder why?
Could have
Would have
Lit up
The sky.
I wonder why?
There was
No you
And I?
I can only
and say;
Walk on walk on
What can I do
When the days and nights leave me 
What then?
Walk on, walk on and on
What shall I do?
When fear clutches at my steps.
Walk on, walk on and on
When death beckons me
Walk on!
Walk on!
Walk on!
There are no beginnings
or endings
Life is simply a gift
Ecuador 2007
What is in a Name?
Tell me your name?
"I Am"
You are What?
I am not a what!
I am that I am,
no more, no less
I have a name?
A name cannot define
who I am?
What I am?
Where I am going?
Where I have been?.
Does "Rose"
define a rose?
Does "Horizon"
define an horizon?
Does "Love"
define love?
Does "Truth"
define truth?
Does "Enlightment"
define enlightment?
Does "God"
define God?
What is in a name?
Ecuador  2007 

If  darkness prevails, it is because we allow it to prevail.

No one needs to live in the dark.

No one needs to live in doubt and despair.

No one needs to live in fear and uncertainty.

No one needs to suffer or live in sorrow.

No one needs to be less than they are

No one needs to feel alone, unloved or unappreciated.

As has been said;

"We are Masters of our fate.

And Captains of our souls"

No one but you are responsible

For who and what you are.

So stand up and be counted!

As worthy of the name "Human".

Colombia 2008






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