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A Person, For the New Millennium

At the stroke of one second past midnight, a new millennium begins. A new day dawns for all of mankind. I wonder if this new era will mark the beginnings of a "New Brave World" not as "Aldous Huxley" described it. But a" New World" with new beginnings, new paradigms, new dimensions, new horizons, dreams, and visions. A new way of "seeing", the World, the peoples of the World and the things in and of the World. A new way of being and doing, as individuals living out their lives in balance, harmony, and peace with "all and everything. Is it a possibility that there will be a new man and a new woman in this coming millennium? Who will become and be that "Ultimate Nature" which they have always been but have forgotten?

"A "person" for all seasons". Gentle, but strong in intent and resolve. Decisive, in action.
A defender of both injustice and inequalities. Quiet, but persuasive of voice and of "presence". Capable of commanding the needed power and energy to intervene and correct the negative imbalances. In whatever form they may take. Irrespective of personal risk.

Is this possible; Yes!, because of the "courage to be" a courage that comes at that point of interdiction with the actuality of the moment. With this courage, comes a certainty and a strength that has grown in the midst of the Worlds' challenges. Tempered in the fires of trial and error, failure, and defeat. This self-certainty and self-sufficiency allows an inner dignity. Giving a Presence, of being in balance, harmony, and peace. A Presence that is sustained by; understanding, love, and compassion. Which can and will create an environment of peace and tranquillity if allowed too.

These proto-type persons we are speaking about are aware and mindful of themselves, others, the World and the things of the world. As they move through life on a day by day basis. They have a cock-eyed optimistic view of life in general. This in no way, means that they are pollyannaish for they belong to the "why" people. Always asking, probing, investigating and inquiring about "all and everything". Taking nothing for granted.

Gathering, synthesizing and assimilating all manner of information that might be applicable for their future reference and use, as the need arises. They are the perennial pupils, "disciples " in the truest sense from the 'cradle to the grave'. They are learning. Everything is important from the minutiae to the galaxy. For these individuals "all and everything" is connected, "all" is family. They hold that there is unity in the Worlds' diversities and beyond

Out of this "connective-ness" comes a knowing, an awareness, an understanding of where others stand in their growth and evolution. This awareness and insight is somewhat disconcerting to others at times. Which gives way to charges of being patronizing, condescending, superior or arrogant. But words such as; knowledgeable, self-sufficient and a certainty would better portray this awareness and insight. None of the above charges are justified. In some cases; there is a transference taking place to relieve the inner conflicts that are waging a 'civil war' within the person, who is making these charges.

This "Millenium Person" we are inquiring about, will admit to faults but will not carry them around. Regrets are few, but no guilt is harbored, the self is forgiven, life moves on. There is a sharing in the sorrows and burdens of others but only to that point where there is a meaningful and constructive solution to relieve the suffering. To carry someone else's load denies that person, the opportunity to grow and evolve into their potentialities and possibilities. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency cannot develop if one is co-dependent.  True help is when the person being helped, is helped, to that point where they no longer need help.  Self-sufficiency is the criteria, not co-dependency.

He/she stands up for ideas, ideals, and values. Allows others the right to their opinions though they may be in disagreement. His or her perception sees the wider context of things and the consequences for the past and the future. Allowing neither the past nor the future to dictate or be the final arbitrator in their lives. 

Here; one is a pathfinder, who remains true to oneself. Finds and pursues a life goal, despite the odds or any adverse circumstances. Open to the "now "and new. Aware of the law of change and its' consequences. Immune to outside influences and open to the inner whisperings and inspirations which come out of the "sea of silence". Possesses powers of discrimination and determination. Maintains inner balance and harmony "come hell or high water". Versatile in thought and action. Able to interpret more and more potentiality. Decides quickly, decisively and correctly. Procrastination denies life and becomes part of a slow death. Their "presence" is soothing for some and an irritant to others. Especially for those who have a hostile envy. In most cases, this Promethean proto-type challenges and energizes the moment.

These proto-types possess an inner vitality, they are clear-headed and internally strong. Able to adapt the nervous system to change. Also able to bounce back, to make a quick recovery both mentally and physically. And to radiate a positive nature and courage in seemingly difficult and trying times. Standing firm and rising above life's vicissitudes, when needed. Cheerful and stable whether it be cloudy or sunny.

They follow an inner calling that supersedes all external callings. They are above average in gifts and potential. Positive, aware and an alive to the present moment. Having an undying conviction that the needed insight, knowledge, or wisdom will present itself at the needed moment. To help the impossible to become possible. And they are convinced that the good, will prevail in the end. Knowing that a posture of hopelessness impedes the healing process. And that one need not accept the words, "never" and "can't". Surely by now in this day and age, nothing should be assumed as being impossible. The impossible just takes a little bit longer to become a reality.

Are these written qualities, a possibility in a persons' life? In this millennium? (Yes! Yes!)  As we move in and out of all the verities of living, day by day. Is it just possible that we of the human race have sold ourselves short? Shortchanged our possibilities and ourselves, as well. For there seems to be far more evidence on a daily basis throughout the world, in all walks of life. That the big, little and small, the tall and the short; man, woman or child. Are not as bad, as perverse as the pundits of the media, or the gurus of the Religious quarters would have us to believe.

Do we have some miss-directed people on this spinning globe of ours? Yes! But they are a small fraction out of six billion plus {six thousand million} peoples. The {bread and butter} public, those who are trying to keep body and soul together, whether they are in Northern Ireland, Indonesia, Shari Lanka, Bosnia or the Congo, or wherever. All are not the Terrorists,  running around trying to kill somebody. They are not the members of the Drug Cartels or the Mafia. They do not frequent jails and prisons or beat their wives and children. Or kick the cat. They are just "plain vanilla" people, the Joe and Joans' of the world.

If one reads the newspapers of the World on a daily basis, listens to the News on the Radio, views the nightly news on Television. Listens to daily chatter as people meet. One is led to believe that we are going to...You guessed it, to "h-e double toothpicks" We all know that "good news" does not sell copies, nor does it get the top ratings on the Tube. But, "hey!" between our constant singing the "woes" of the World. And the Media saturating us day and night with the violence and corruption of the World {wars, rapes, killings, etc.} Is it any wonder that we have become perplexed and paranoid? The citizens of the World need a breath of fresh air, to get rid of the stench, the smell of decay and death that is in the air. Day in and day out we are fed the same old menu.

Maybe we need to pick up our Newspapers one day and read "Under a New Management" Equal time will to be given to the reporting of "the good, bad and ugly".

It would be nice if we could have a balance. Why not?



On the eve of the year 2000



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