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 It is the consensus of the majority of the Instutionalized Religions and that of the Esoteric Psychologies that we are much more than these small "s" selves we pretend to be.  Here we speak about the "Self", that part of us that rides above the mundane. This essence, this specialized "Self". That Emerson referred to, as " The Overself" whicht guides us and support us as the need arises. In the yogi texts, we hear that "we must be as one with God". Here we are reminded of those words; "I and my father are one." "Not my will but thy Will be done.".These words must become our words; this Oneness needs to become and be our own "flesh and blood".

We need to be aware and meditate on this "Self", to bring this "Self" in line with the"Divine" (The Will), the "Unity Consciousness", choose your preference. And after choosing your semantics; "become and be"that".  All religions have complicated the simplicity of this 'Oneness'

The evidence points to the complacency of conventional Psychology in the ignoring of this higher intelligence {Cosmic Consciousness}. Except for a few visionaries (Bucke, Maslow, and Goldstein) and their ilk. One has to decide for oneself the veracity and the very existence of this area of the mind. As to whether it is the source for those meta-values referred to by Maslow and others. Those values of unselfish love, concern, and compassion. It is in this area, we find the potentiality of the higher psychic functions and spiritual energies.

It is in the domain of the 'Real Self', the 'Ultimate Self' that the possibilities for the different dimensions of Consciousness exist. Along with the various ways and means of centering in on these possibilities. Allowing us to grasp a non-dual Reality, as it is. Not as we choose it to be. We are talking about a Reality that is all-inclusive. Inclusive of the mind, body, and spirit, as a whole, no dichotomy. A unitive entity (Self) that is aware and alive.". One that is involved in the perpetual process of growth and evolution in the psychological and the spiritual dimensions of ones' "Self".

A process, a way which can if one so chooses to move one towards becoming, the Being which we already are and have always been. That which is consciously connected with "All and Everything".

Anything that is detrimental or counterproductive to this unification, is a betrayal of who, what and why we are. The same would apply to those things which diminish the quality of the mind, body, and spirit in a relative sense.

We have forgotten, even though humanity has been reminded time and time again as to our True Nature. We have chosen a selective amnesia as our keeper, that disallows us from finding out our true identity as to; "who and what we are? Why we are here and where we are going?

We need to seriously ask ourselves, why there are those times when we think and act as our own worst enemy? Agreeing with Pogo when he said; "I saw the enemy and it was I".

Betrayal to oneself or to others is never a pretty thing to be part of or to be a witness to. Partially because the very act is so demeaning and unworthy as to our "Intended Nature". As difficult as it is when the betrayal is by someone who pretends and professes undying love. The consequences for this betrayal is even more difficult as it reaches heights of recrimination and guilt that becomes a mental nightmare filled with apprehension and anxiety. While at the same time distorting the relative reality and threatening all relationships. Along with ones' own self-worth, self-respect and that much-needed acceptance of ones' self.

The self-doubt and low self-esteem created by infidelity spill over into all facets of ones 'personal activities. It tints everything, even the illicit relationship that lived by the breath of deceit. Reality becomes out of sync. Fantasies and defense mechanisms come center stage, affecting ones' sensory perceptions and rationality. And the search for a scapegoat begins so that the guilt can be soothed and the blame shifted to soften the shame.

It is painful to watch this process either in a friend or a loved one who is caught up in their addiction and their subsequent self-denial. Sincerely believing; they are in control of their lives. That they can change their behavior anytime if they so wish.  Some even believe that their infidelity is justified because of mitigating circumstances or because of another's' behavior.

Whether the hook is alcohol, drugs, or sex that is being used as a crutch or as a temporary fix; for boredom, depression or stress. Or to drown one's weaknesses, guilt or shame. The final result ends in a separation from Self or another or both. Spawning an imbalance and a suffering that eats away at the vital energies of ones' spirit.

Any attempt on ones' part to speak to this revolving door scenario, draws an immediate indignity and a rhetorical self-denial by the trapped person.  Here a loved one can become the adversary, who is violating the trust and sensibilities of the offender. We hear such words as; "How could you ever believe or doubt for one minute, my love and commitment to you." Here we see a role reversal taking place, where the victim becomes the villain and the villain becomes the victim. As someone once said; " the best defense is a strong offense.

If one is of "well-being" and holds a high respect for themselves. Infidelity and betrayal are highly unlikely. Are there exceptions, yes! yes! yes! But by in large; loyalty to ones 'own self-knowledge and self-understanding of who they are protects them from this sort of illicit negativity, this exercise in self-defacing. But as they do say; "To err is human." But to repeat the same offense is plain stupidity.

To this equation; we ask the question. Where does love enter into the picture? Now we all know how much the word "love" has suffered, has been abused and lied about. But just for a moment let us look at a simple working definition of love:

Love is the giving of the best of oneself to another. The giving of that which is the more excellent to the loved one. Anything less, when the word love is uttered is a travesty. For less; denigrates its meaning. Violating the inborn commitment and loyalty which lies at the very core of the spoken words; "I love you".

The key words in the above are; "the giving of oneself." The giving of the best of oneself to the loved one. We are not talking about giving the crumbs or the leftovers, the scraps. But the giving of the more excellent which one has to give.

Any thought, word or deed that hinders, blocks, or takes away from another or from oneself their chance to grow and evolve, bastardizes love.

If we destroy instead of engendering another's self-worth or our own. We are takers instead of "givers of light". We are to breathe life into not take it away. In order to achieve this; we must have a working definition, of "who" and "what" we are? Plus a definitive definition of life and its' meaning. We should have asked of ourselves somewhere along the way about the quality of our living, of our being, of our loving? Also whether we are takers or givers? Givers of truth, love, and life.
The last word; one cannot "Love" while in the same breath of professing said love, be expecting anything. A reward, a gift or a return of love.  To repeat; love is not a taker but a giver. No strings attached.
One of the hardest affirmations to get someone to admit to in a counseling session is the words; "I am responsible for my life." I am responsible for the nurturing, the growth and the evolution of my life. I am responsible for the choice of my words, thoughts, and actions. I am just plain responsible for my life.

"All" are responsible within this given unitize system of time and space on this spinning globe. To share in the creating of the most conducive, engendering conditions for the collective mind, body, and spirit for all of humanity and for all of Creation.

The good, better and the more excellent in whatever fields of endeavor, be they of hand, mind or spirit, needs to be the criteria. Anything less denies the excellence of that which has been created for our use and benefit. For we are the inheritors of the excellence of "All and Everything." But even greater than this; we are by birthright in the "image" of the Ineffable, the Author of "All and Everything.

It is true, we cannot demand excellence in thought, word, and deed from others. But we can surely ask, invite, implore, suggest, inquire, motivate, persuade, influence, inspire, stimulate, encourage, and cajole, of everyone we may cross paths with if at all possible. We need to remember that more is "caught than taught".

We also need to remind ourselves that life is for the living, for those who are aware and alive to the possibilities and the potentialities of all of life. For those; who are especially aware of all the given gifts and graces that have been so graciously given for our growth and evolution. So we might return back if we so choose; back from whence, we came.

The "dead must bury the dead". While at the same time prevent the dead from burying the living.

We only penalize ourselves if we accept indolence and inert-ness; while living among the "hollow people" and embracing mediocrity. Everyone has the possibility to run towards the light, to escape the darkness. To seek out the aware, the alive, those who are becoming and being what they were created to be.

To run towards those things that promote, engender and celebrate, the positive possibilities of life. To join with those who are the givers of light. Those who are the living definition of en-lighten-ment. Those who are and have become that which they have always been.The "All in All".

How strange it is that we ignore the mandate, as though it was never spoken; "Be as Your Creator". Be as your Creator, how? Is this possible? "Yes"! How? Never stop seeking or asking. Never stop becoming and being what you were created to be. If you will do these things with all your mind, heart and strength. The possibility can be yours. Why?

Because you and I, are made out of the Supreme Substance. The Substance of "ALL AND EVERYTHING".
Here comes the commercial; 
You and I; must be the"definitive definition" of this Absolute Love. We are one and the same with the "I" being the definitive definition of this "Absolute Love".  Making it our own, "flesh and blood". Out of this incarnation; we are "in and out of that I am".
The Human cry should be:"One for all and all for one"
Remember:  You control Who you are by thought, word and deed.  In so doing.
You control your destiny.
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