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The Image
We have heard it, read it and said it. That "a picture is worth a thousand words". If this be true then the expressed image one reflects is worth far more than all the words, we have or ever will speak. We have said before: "words can reveal as well as hide".

All our masks, our facades and pretenses speak volumes to those who can read between the lines of deception. While on the other hand; all that which we hold as good, noble and the more excellent. Along with our dreams, visions and aspirations, our intents, resolutions and affirmations, our oughts and shoulds need to be defined by each of us. The definitive is defined best by Becoming and Being these things. In doing so we become the definitive definition of what we think, say and do.

It is not the word or words that we speak that carries the power.  Rather it is the intent, the spirit, the presence and the posturing that is vital. We have said; 'More is caught than taught'. The incarnation, the embodiment of the said word is what generates the Power and the Presence. We are talking about those words which one has carefully chosen, nurtured and slowly ingested until they become ones' flesh and blood.

If the words of TRUTH, BEAUTY, GOODNESS, and LOVE remain but a printed or spoken word and nothing else among all the collective utterances of the human species, then we have nothing. It is only when the word becomes incarnated, embraced and embodied by us. Leaving the one-dimensional level. Moving within, without, back and forth and then beyond the beyond, time and space. When this takes place, a "Presence" is perceived, felt and acknowledged by others. Herein lies the Power of the spoken word. Here, we have the WORD becoming the flesh and blood, of the speaker. And he/she can say; inequitably and with a certainly; I AM THAT I AM. (I am that which I have proven to be so)

It is in the seeing, we hear. And in the hearing, we see. And in the knowing, we know. In the becoming, we become. And in the Being, we are. We are that, which just IS. The expressed image of the Imago. We have become that 'picture which is worth a thousand words'. The ascension has begun; the darkness is fading as the light increases. 

So we ask, where does one begin, looking, seeking and searching? So one might find that Reality, that just is. Not as we may wish it to be or imagine it to be. Where is the starting point for this Reality search; this lifelong pilgrimage?

How about a story...

While walking the country one day. I saw a man kneeling on the ground as though he was looking, searching for something. "What has been lost?" "One of my contact lenses.", he replied. So I became part of the search for the lost. After a few moments, I finally asked; " And where did you lose your contact lens?" " In my house,  he said. "Then why are we looking out here? " "Well, the man replied, " There's more light outside than inside my house".

Our search is much like the owner of the lost contact lens. We begin our search for the meaning of so many things, outside of ourselves. We rummage through the externals for the meaning of life, love, happiness and the list goes on. Forgetting that the secrets of all Creation began in the darkness of the Void. Where something came out of nothing. The Reality of " All and Everything. " Yes, even our own reality, our "I Am-ness", our very substance, our intrinsic essence that which we have named "Being "came out of this same primal Void.

In the beginning; we were innocent and pure, unknowing entities of perfection, we just were. We existed in a state of Being, that was whole (holy), integrated, synthesized, with 'all and everything'. But we were unaware; we did not know that we knew nor did we understand that we understood. We were unaware of our perfection. Because there were no opposites, no polarities, no dualities. Nothing to go over and against, nothing to compare with. There was but one model, the model of perfection. But even that did not register. For there were no words, only one Word, one Will, one Power which we were unaware of most of the time.
If a child was to have a Birthday, a Christmas, a Halloween, an Easter Basket every day. With all the ice cream, cake, candy and lots and lots of presents. Would he or she ever know; the joy, the fun and the expectation of each of those separate days and gifts?

Perfection cannot see perfection, no more than a knife can cut itself nor a fire burn itself.

But one day there came; that first glimpse, that birth of awareness along with them, who?, what? and why? questions. And the search was on and so was the descension. A descent from the perfect paradigm was in full swing Because it was inevitable. It was out of necessity, a had to be. If we were ever to know how to celebrate and truly give our daily "Thanksgivings" for all the abundance we had been given. A necessity if we were ever to know who and what we are, why we are here. And finally to know that we know.

In the beginning, the truth set us free as we descended. And it continues to set us free as we grow and evolve (ascend). The Original Intent; the Design had and still has one central and unified purpose. That we knowingly, by free choice and effort choose to return back from whence we came. To that which, just IS.

Descension and Ascension (devolution and evolution) are the flip side of one another, essential to one another. They are also integral to our search and our return back. They are one and the same. For without the downward and the upward thrust [descension and ascension] we would never have had the opportunity, or the possibility to" be knowledgeable or thankful for all the givens, all the gifts, and graces". That which we have always had and still do. Nor would we ever know or be worthy of the name, our given "Name". The "Name" we have forgotten. The "Name" we need to remember, to recover. The "Imago Deo".

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