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The Challenge
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It is the Journey; the Quest that allows one to go beyond the beyond.

Out of a conscious decision and a conscious effort to accept the challenge; we are freed. Limitations and boundaries are broken, chains fall away and boundaries are crossed as constraints vanish. Deadness is replaced by aliveness. Seeing and hearing are restored. Atrophy of the Mind and Spirit ceases. Just existing gives way to living each minute, each moment as though it is to be the last.

The "Now" must be realized as the quintessential moment. Yesterday is gone, the Future is problematic. It is within the context of the journey and within the content of the mind that one comes to know and understand as to who and what one is not. If we can know and understand who and what we are not. We will indirectly find out who we are. And what we are to be about. Out of this simple approach comes the knowledge and understanding that all things both transient and external are only temporary, not permanent. They are here today and gone tomorrow.

Which calls us to ask; is there anything permanent and lasting? Some say the mind and body are permanent. This is doubtful, surely we are more than our bodies and mind. For do not our bodies and mind, bind and limit us? And were we not born to be free to know and act free, out of a conscious decision and effort on our part? Or is all for naught; a cruel joke, a comedy of errors? If not, then what


The Supreme Challenge

Is in the searching for the Source of "All and Everything"; above and below. This is the ultimate Challenge;. an outward and inner Journey that demands a singularity of purpose: fueled by an intense passion and a dedicated earnestness to stay the course "come hell or high water", metaphorically speaking.

For there will be those times when you will question your sanity and your intent as your world is being turned upside down. Because your mind, body and spirit will come under attack from all sides as one's rationale and logic is targeted and bombarded ceaselessly. All ideas, concepts, methodologies, values, preferences, frames of references, priorities, philosophies, religious beliefs, personal associations and all those pseudo identities will be under fire. Everything is fair game at this point. You are in the zone; the battle zone, 'no mans land.' So hold on, stand fast. Do not forget your search!

The clouds will dissolve; the storms will pass as the sun spreads across 'no mans land' as you  walk into the Light.

As the soil must be prepared and nourished for the seed. Our preparation is none the less as important. The birthing process will happen as long as one is in earnest and stays focused. HERE PATIENCE IS TRULY A VIRTUE.

As it is said;'there is a time for planting and a time for harvesting',. it will happen! But be aware that the blossom is not the fruit. The blossom must fall before the fruit appears.

Stay the course!


Ecuador 2007
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