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Are we born free?

Were we born to be free, without restraints, limitations, and controls? Could we agree that this is true? Some do and live their lives according, as though it is true. But we ask; are we free simply to make random choices because we affirm that we are free? Are we ever free in our mind, heart, and spirit? Is this possible? Yes! 

By freedom we do not mean; the license, to do whatever we want when we want it. This freedom of choice, this freedom to decide for ourselves. Carry with it a response-ability of discrimination. So we might choose between those things which are necessary as opposed to those things that are unnecessary. Or in light of that which is the best, better or the more excellent for us and others. If this is so; then a certain amount of self-knowledge and self-understanding is needed to help facilitate this process. Plus, the skill of discriminating between that which is Real as opposed to that which is Unreal. And that which is Truth as opposed to that which is untrue.

The question; "Are we ever free?" Is always there, until each answers the question themselves.

The word "freedom" has suffered almost as much as that over-worn, glibly used word, we call "love". There is; freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship, freedom to vote, freedom to bear arms, freedom to express ourselves in writing, or in other forms of media. And even the freedom to live or to die. We have stretched all these various freedoms to their utmost limits and in doing so; we have in some cases violated good common sense to protect them.

The "cry for freedom" has been the "clarion call" that has split the heavens ever since that point in time, when "We" finally realized that we had dominion over all there was. And again when the light dawned; that we alone had been given the power and the gifts to transform and change the path of evolution; in the way, it would evolve.

And whether we like it or not, this fact is unfolding once again before our very eyes and picking up momentum, each and every second. We have "The Race" towards the speed of light. The "Race" to create a {to clone or not to clone?}. And we have the beginning to bring about a "One World". Along with the beginning of colonizing and living in outer space. These possibilities are on the horizons.

That which sets us apart within the animal kingdom is the gift of 'free choice and the gift of reasoning'. Allowing us to consciously make a decision; to choose, between this and that. From the very moment, we took that first breath and took our place in "time and space". These two gifts, as well as many others, were just waiting to unfold. But as the pages of our calendars began to fall away. Little by little, we begin to die daily in so many ways. Allowing the walls of limitation to shrink. And our dreams and hopes reach new heights. Along with our ability to make those life choices, so needed to keep us among the living; instead of the walking dead. And our "cry for freedom" has to often been reduced to a whisper. As resignation climbed up into our laps.

Sadly, we squander so many of the gifts which we have so graciously been given. How is this so? Why? Is it because we have become stillborn, due to neglect. Or is it because we have not become aware of who and what we are?
We ask; does the reason lie in the fact; not only do we not know who we are and why we are here in this particular time and space? We do not know, why we say and do the things we do.? We humorously say; "the devil made us do it." What is it, that causes us to do so many idiotic, irrational things?. Why do we suffer from this mental anemia? We act at times as though a frontal lobotomy has been performed. Why?

Because; we do not see life as it is. We see life as we choose to see it. As we want, expect, and wish it to be. Along with the fact that we have been told that life is such and such a way, by everybody and everything. And "yes" even by ourselves. We have repeatedly said; " we structure our own reality."

We are not aware of how we think, why we think as we do or do as we do. We are not aware of the multiplicity of influences that bombard us daily, since day one. We are not aware that we are the product of centuries "ad infinitum" of fragmentary thinking. Years piled upon years of partial thinking, of piecemeal thinking, of simplistic thinking. All our sciences, philosophies, religions, economics, politics, academics now and then suffer because of this. The entire fabric of all our past civilizations, even up to the present have been affected and influenced by this virus; this virus of fragmentation. We see only partially, yes?

'We are like the five wise blind men that were sent out from their Village. A Village where all the inhabitants were blind; to examine an elephant that was tied to a tree just outside their walls. The owner of the elephant could see but could not speak. So he took five blind men and placed them around the elephant. After the men return back to their village. They were asked to describe to everyone what was the elephant-like?. One said, that it was very big and it felt like a huge leather wall. Another who had been standing by the leg said, it was like a huge tree. The third one who felt the ear of the elephant, agreed with his friend, that it was like a tree for he had touched a large palm leaf. The fourth said, "no", they were all wrong. It was like a snake a big snake, as he had touched the trunk. The last one would have none of his friends' explanations. He said, there was no elephant. For you see he had gotten turned around, and headed in the wrong direction'.

All the collective and consensual experiences, memories, and knowledge of the past and the present, are similar to the blind men's observations and their knowledge of. We do not have the 'whole enchilada'. The puzzle is incomplete. But we are getting there. What did the little worm say; " It's a cinch inch by inch."

If we are to be free to make the right choices, be whole and complete. It is important that we be aware of the influences and the conditioning, that limits us. And how these influences have come into being and been given life "The truth of this can {indeed} set us free". And we can just be, be that which we were intended to be and are.

In other writings, we have said that we have the possibility of being "Truth." That one can become "Truth." Yes, this is or can be a reality. But at the same time, this possibility is not achieved by any effort or striving on our part. For it is this very effort and striving that throws us into the conflict between trying to be; what we believe, or think we should be over and against that which we believe we are. Or, what others, or some belief, or system, or whatever we have identified ourselves with to achieve this end of self-improvement say we should be. There can be no freedom, no truth, if conflict and self-identification enters into the picture

This conflict and self-identification we get grabbed by, are two of the main culprits that keep us from seeing, from being aware of that which "just is". With things as they are. With the very now-ness of the moment. With the actually, the reality of all our relationships with the World, with others and the things of this World. These two, twin assassins keep you and me from being ourselves in the truest sense. These two, rob us of our self-hood, our freedom, our creativity, our awareness, our spontaneity and our aliveness. And the list goes on.

If anyone is passionate, intensely interested in finding out the why and wherefore of the living processes of life. How one fits into the "Wholeness" of "All and Everything." One first needs to solve the problem of why we do not know what life is all about? 

The same as we are the World and the World is in us. The problems of the World and our personal worlds are one and the same. The solution to both of these lies within us. Because we are the problem. Of course, if we do not believe this to be true. There is little left to say, wouldn't you agree?

But if by chance, you are interested in coming to terms, with who and what you are? And why you are here? Let the "Recovery" begin. Always remembering, that things are not necessarily what they seem to be. I offer no methods, no systems, no belief structures, no chiseled thought or idea. But I will say; become a learner, a lifetime learner. It would be best if one does not become a follower or an imitator. Both of these keeps the mind from remaining fresh, alive, aware and innocence. While at the same time, setting up boundaries and limitations, killing the freedom to become and be. Along the way; inquire and look into the following words and see if they might speak to you, "Know thyself" and "Unto thyself be true."


Happy trails!



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