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Be Still...
Down through antiquity we hear; "Be still and know, be still and know". A quiet mind is needed to glean, to procure the treasures of the "Over-Self, of that Inner Light, the Higher Self, the Soul, the Spirit, the Actualized Self, choose your terminology.  Self-realization is best approached as one who undertakes an inner pilgrimage into the Void of stillness, the residence of the "Inner Light". That "Rightness" within, The Absolute, The Supreme; again choose your sematics

We have heard the injunctions, although we have not heard. "Know Thyself' and "Unto thyself be true". Within the insights of these two statements, we have the beginnings of our life-long journey from the cradle to the grave. That will take us out beyond our "human nature". To our very beginnings, from out of the "Void".

Both of these testimonies have evolved out of the nuances of different semantics and belief systems, asking of us; to ask, to knock, and to seek ceaselessly. Until we can answer, "who and what" we are and "why" we are hear? And what is our final destination? We will remain, like children stringing beads. The answers to these seemingly enigmatic questions are; strangely enough, as close as the air we breathe and the skin we wear.

We are never, nor have we ever been without the needed impressions, the points of light, and the "inner voice". If we would only look and see, listen and hear the power, the force of the Divine (that Something). Call it what you may! The representations of the Absolute is etched on the face of Nature and all its' attributes. That "Something" is inherent in all of humanity. We are always, metaphorically speaking, somewhere in between the beast and the angelic, heaven and earth.  At times we are better than we are. And in those others times, we are less than we are. As it was said; "Here I am, one hand is clean, the other slightly smudged. But I am the problem in between".

Lets' face it, the World is not at fault, things are not at fault. We are at fault. We are the problem that our lives are a problem. That the world seems chaotic and at a loss. Along with all the sorrow, the despair, misery, loneliness, meaninglessness, and negativity. We are the culprits. All is of our own making, we fashion it. It is the reality that we have chosen for ourselves or allowed others to choose for us. We are responsible for our pettiness and narrow perceptions. The bottom-line in to many cases; we simply do not love ourselves. For we do not know our inheritance.

I do not know how many countless times in the past and even now. The times I have heard the words; "I do not like myself". Or, "I am not a very nice person to be around". Or," If you really knew me, you would not like me". All such statements speak loud and clear that ones' self-esteem and self-worth is suffering at the expense of such negativity. Not to mention what it does to ones' confidence and self-assurance. The above posture or perception if held portrays a pitiful Pearl and a sorry Sam.

How sad it is, to meet the "doom and gloom" twins; the highly critical and the negative, the "Henny Pennys" of the world {the sky is falling}. If they only knew "who and what' they really are. Their lives would be the "color of joy" and the "sound of music". For they and all of life would be at peace, in harmony and balance with one another.

In all the gatherings, whether they are in Schools, Universities, Civic groups or a chance one to one encounter or by e-mail. I am asked; what question am I ask the most?  The most frequently asked question is; "Who am I? This brings us back to the clarion call; "Be still and know". There is a need to still the chattering mind and the voice. Only in "Silence" can we hear the "Inner voice", see the "Inner Light', follow the "Inner guide". This experience is open to all, who seeks earnestly without ceasing..

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