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Balance, Harmony And Peace
How does one achieve these three things in ones' life? Is it possible? And if so, why is it so hard to do? 

First off, there is no prescribe way, or method. No, one, two or three easy steps to balance, harmony and peace. The integration of oneself and the World into a unified coalition, is no mean task. Can it be done. The answer is "yes". Why? Because the answer to any problem can be found in the problem itself. For, nine out of ten cases, if we our involved in said problem, we are the problem. This is true because; we run as fast as we can away, away from solving the problem. We do not like confrontations with ourselves, others or the world. Confrontations make us feel very uncomfortable. One of the reasons for this lies in the actuality, that a change may be call for. Which will ask us to leave those things, which are comfortable and non-threatening to us. We love our comfort zones, right?

Let's look at these three words separately. Balance, what is it?. What does it mean? How would we know if someone was balanced? What would be his or her demeanor, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What would be the nuance of their thoughts, speech and actions, day by day?

Bear with me as we list some words that we feel from time to time ( Stressful, negative. nervous, bland indecisiveness, uncertainty, fearful, boring, alive, dead, non-committal, positive, alive, happy, caring, compassionate, doom or gloom, emotional , passive, excited, enthused, empowering, affirming, fearful, apprehensive, deceiving, truthful, wise, weak, forceful, empty, hollow, selfish, pretentious, over-bearing, arrogant, indifferent, apathetic, anxious, obsessed, pessimistic, calm, certainty, confident, courageous , gentle, knowledgeable, aware, flexible, attentive, vital, energetic, influential, serene, purposeful, cheerful, creative, insightful, conscientious and loving? )

Now all of a sudden, we have not only three words to look at, but a mini-dictionary to look into. To gain some insight into what is behind the words; balance, harmony, and peace. Plus, those other words we just mentioned.

Let's stick with a person's word selection.  Before moving on to gestures, manner, impression, and appearance. How one speaks; the words he or she chooses, or the words not chosen.? What one speaks about or that which they never speak about. Or seldom speak about. In asking how one speaks, we are asking in what manner, sound, strength, the intensity is one speaking. Is it, with uncertainty, a passivity, an indifference, an apathy. You get the point. We are not nit-picking here. We are trying to find out what is 'balance, harmony, and peace'. But we will try to arrive through the back door, by finding out, by looking into imbalance, disorder, and conflict. Most people in their right mind would opt for order, balance, harmony, and peace in their lives. Would you agree? Yes?
Balance, harmony, and peace is an outgrowth of being aware, of being perceptive to that which we are a part of, as we encounter life. It is in attending too; being intent on what is happening around us. A seeing with our ears and hearing with our eyes? Which allows us to be alive to the moment, the "now".

If one is a million miles away as another is speaking or they are pre-occupied with the chattering that is going on in their own mind. Their responses are predictable, as are their choice of words. They are somewhere else. A prime example of not being in balance, harmony or at peace with oneself. Certainly not with the person who is trying to speak. Small detail you say; "not so" because attending to the moment, to that which is at hand is part of being balanced, in harmony and at peace with oneself and everything else. If we fail to hear and see what is going on around us, if we are so occupied with our own confusion and disorder We isolate ourselves from the moment, from being there instead of somewhere else. We are entering the unbalanced area. We are living in our own little world. A reality that we have structured. A reality that limits and prevents us from experiencing the moment, the "now". Creating; worries doubts, anxieties, fears and all those other proclivities we hang onto; .

Is this too simplistic, maybe?. Too naive, maybe?

 One needs to decide as to what has been said so far. What is balance and what is unbalanced? What enhances or hinders balance? How about the mini-dictionary? We just created above? Mentally, we need to check off those words. As to their intent, wither they would help or hinder ones' possibilities of balance, harmony, and peace?

The tone, volume, strength, and vitality of the voice. The light of the eyes, the energy they emit. The posture of the body, its tone or lack of tone. Also, it's energy. How one moves; is there an alive-ness or a deadness to the body's' movement? Here we are talking about how one walks, talks, acts, works, makes love, washes dishes, scrubs the floor, or whatever ones' daily routines are. Is it alive or dead?

How about our attitudes? Our attitude towards ourselves, towards others. Someone once said, " that our attitude affects our altitude."  Our reaching for the highest.  How is our self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth, self-reliance, confidence, a feeling of security, our self-sufficiency.?

Do we react or pro-act to life? Are we good at what we do? Improving and learning all the time? Or, are we lazy, always procrastinating? Do we do more than is expected? Or just enough to get by?

Are we whiners? Always, complaining about all and everything. Nothing is right. There is not enough sun, there is to much sun. No rain, to much rain. Why are some of us never satisfied? It's the government, the politicians, the neighbors, "they, those, them", always somebody who is to blame for ones' miserable, petty lives. The complainers of the world can find nothing to be thankful for. They don't love or like themselves, let alone anybody or anything else. They are the Joan and Joe Glooms of the World, the party poopers of the World. They try their best to ruin everyone's parade, if possible. Their skies are always cloudy; with a storm coming. Is this balance or unbalance?

Confusion, disorder, conflict, out of sync, at war within, indecisiveness, uncertainty, and fear, are the "enemies of the state" The state of balance, harmony, and peace.

We need to take a serious look at how we think, speak and act. If we are interested in having a life that is Balanced, Harmonious and Peaceful.

The choice is yours.  The response-ability is yours.  Nobody else! If you are continually throwing yourself underneath the bus all the time? Stop!!! 

 You can be a victim or a Victor.

  A slave or a Master.                                                           whiner or a Winner.

The choice is yours!

You can either fish or cut bait!

Pass or shoot!

Bet or fold!




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