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Eyes of the Hawk                                                                               Walking Meditations

Out of the Sea of Silence comes these words:
Once upon a time......
There lived in the land of the clouds a young man by the name of Kwah who wondered. He wondered about everything, mostly about who and what he really was? Why he was born and placed in a particular time and space?  He wondered, what he was to be about, going to where? His questions were many and ceaseless and they never left his mind or his very spirit

He thought to himself; " If only I was wise. How does someone become wise? How do you find wisdom?" So he began looking, asking and listening. He read about all manner of things. He lived and worked here, there and everywhere. Always seeking, always searching for wisdom. But he learned quickly that wisdom is as elusive as a butterfly floating on the morning air. An, that just a taste of wisdom fans the desire for more.

One day; a magic day, someone told him that there was a great wise  man who lived beyond the clouds on top of the highest mountain at the edge of the village.

So early the next morning Kwah climbed to the top of the mountain and there at the entrance to a cave sat the wise man. "Sir, sir" he said; "I wish to be wise? I desire, the wisdom of the "above and the below"?.
The venerable wise man said nothing. He rose and went back into his cave. Leaving the young man standing without. Slightly bewildered, Kwah climbed back down the mountain and returned home.
The next morning, Kwah was up bright early. He climbed the mountain once again and there like the morning before, sat the wise man. Again Kwah asked; "Sir, how can I become wise?" And again, the wise man rose and went back into his cave without answering him. Kwah retreated back down the mountainside and returned home. Each day for the next four days he made the journey up the arduous mountain and asked the same question day in and day out. Each day he received the same answer, no answer at all.
But on the seventh day when he reached the top of the mountain, the wise man was standing, waiting for him. He motioned for Kwah to follow him down a winding path that opened out on a large green meadow with a flowing stream.  The wise man walked into the water and beckoned for Kwah to follow in after him. When Kwah entered the water, the older man grabbed him pushing him beneath the water, holding him fast as he thrashed about trying to surface. But the old man would not let go. Suddenly!, in what seemed like an eternity. He let Kwah come to the surface.

As Kwah was sputtering and gasping for air. He said to him; " what was your burning desire as I held you beneath the water?" " What did you desire above all things? Was it wealth, power, fame? What was it that you wanted above all else?"  Kwah in his gasping said; "Sir; I desired air, only air. I desired it above all things." 

Your words were wisely chosen as a Seeker after "All and Everything". You must remember this intensity, this passion, this singularity that you are feeling "Now". And all will come to you. Desire is paramount but with the desire, there are  four  more quintessential qualities needed if you want the answers to the "Above and Below". Along with intense desire, the Seeker after must acquire a devoted discipline, an unswerving determination, a decisive discrimination and a stoic detachment.

These are essential for the Seeker.

Kwah thanked his benefactor and went back down the mountainside, returning home. Night came but sleep did not. Kwah's mind was filled with the past events of the day and those five curious words spoken by the wise man; desire, discipline, determination, discrimination and detachment.  What secret did these words hold for him? Were these truths, to be had?

Early the next morning Kwah climbed the mountain once again. When he reached the top the wise man was nowhere in sight. As he approached the entrance to the cave he called out but no reply came. Again he called out but no answer. As he entered the cave he noticed that there was nothing there. It was as though it had never been occupied. Yet something strange was happening. Where was the wise man?

As he started to leave, something caught his eye. The Cave was suddenly filled with a pulsating flow of, a light, a "Presence". And on one of the walls of the cave; the five spoken words of yesterday were being written.

"Desire, Discipline, Determination, Discimination and Detachment.  

Below them new words were also appearing; "Goodbye for now but we shall meet again when you are ready. A word of caution: "do not mistaken the bloom for the fruit that will come. Be patient the blossoms must fall first".

The end, not really it was only the beginning.

If you can hear these words and seek after that which you desire with all your mind, heart and spirit. You will truly be blessed as I have been blessed and continue to be blessed.

If you will seek after the real,

Instead of the unreal.

The light, instead of the dark.

The truth, instead of the false.

And become, be and do these things.

You will be far along the way.
In answering; who you are?

 Why you are here 
 and where you are going?

May the "Will" and the "Power" be with you.

You have both, within you.

Remember !

You are out of this "Will" and out of this"Power .

Of " The Imago Deo " .

The Creator of "All and Everything ".

And because this is so !

You can create your own Destiny .

Your Life is in your own hands


 V.A. Hospital, Houston, Texas


{During a eight months stay}










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